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List of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in Dungeon Fighters Online.


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Seria Kirmin Seria Kirmin None Seria's Gate
Delilah Delilah Traveling merchant Dungeon Rest Stop
Gabriel Gabriel Treasure Hunter Dungeon Rest Stop
Reaper Dreyfus Reaper Dreyfus None Tower of Illusion, Tower of the Dead
Mr. CEO Mr. CEO Hunter of Goldsellers, Giver of Items, CEO of Neople, King of the Waifus Previously Located in Underfoot

Silver Crown

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Blue Guardian Vetala Blue Guardian Vetala Sub Class Instructor for all classes (Excluding Knight), Equipment Merchant Silver Crown
Alchemist Morgan Alchemist Morgan Alchemist, Consumable Merchant Silver Crown


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Shop Owner Canna Shop Owner Canna Consumable Merchant Underfoot Plaza
Lady Kiri Lady Kiri Gunner Trainer, Weapon Reinforcement System Underfoot Plaza
Grandis Grandis Priest Trainer, Hell Mode Rewards Merchant Underfoot Plaza
Chobung Chobung Transportation to PVP Arena, Grappler based of a renowned PVP player Underfoot Plaza, Arena
Joah Ferrero Joah Ferrero Travel Guide, Desolace Rewards Merchant Underfoot Plaza
Danjin Danjin Jar Merchant Underfoot Sewer Entrance
G.S.D G.S.D Slayer Trainer, APC Underfoot Master Guild
Minet Minet Thief Trainer Underfoot Master Guild
Knight Robato Knight Robato Female Slayer Trainer Underfoot Master Guild
Pungjin Pungjin Fighter Trainer, Training Center/Dojo Master Underfoot Master Guild
Sharan Sharan Mage Trainer, Chronicle 1 Gear Merchant, Chaos Stone and Nihilistic Stone merchant Underfoot Master Guild
Annis Annis Knight Subclass Instructor, Knight Trainer Underfoot Harbor, Silver Crown (Only during certain Knight-only quests}
Leno Leno Demonic Lancer Trainer Underfoot Master Guild
Bucken Bucken Covert Agent, Guild Manager Underfoot Guild Junction
Abello Abello Profession Instructor Underfoot Guild Junction
Roger Levin Roger Levin Trader, Item Producer Underfoot Guild Junction
Daphne Marbros Daphne Marbros Assistant, Emblem Merchant Underfoot Guild Junction
Grandma Oran Grandma Oran Pet Merchant Underfoot Guild Junction
Simona, the Fortuneteller Simona, the Fortuneteller Tower of Despair Rewards Merchant Underfoot Valley of Fallen Souls Entrance
Klonter Klonter Royal Messenger, Otherverse Purifier and Infuser, Equipment Merchant Underfoot King's Road
Iris Fortune Singer Iris Fortune Singer Fortune Teller, True Ancient Rewards Merchant, True Ancient daily limited quest giver Underfoot King's Road, Time Gate - Requiem
Queen Maya Queen Maya Queen of the Dark Elves Underfoot King's Road
Elder Saffron Elder Saffron Dark Elf Adviser, Special Merchant Underfoot King's Road
Hartz von Krueger Hartz von Krueger Empire Spearman, Transportation to Zelva Underfoot Harbor, Zelva


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Haru Haru NPC based on a famous PVP Soul Bender character Arena
Sizki Sizki PVP Merchant, Pungjin's Little Sister Arena


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Attack Dog Loel Attack Dog Loel Dark Elf Strongman Sewer
Faris, the Sewer Princess Faris, the Sewer Princess Renowned Female Brawler, APC Sewer
Albert Bernstein Albert Bernstein Duelist, Equipment Merchant Sewer
Grubeck Goblinde Grubeck Goblinde Consumables Merchant Sewer
Siusha Siusha Tavern Owner, Consumables Merchant Sewer Moonlight Tavern
Empress Skardi Empress Skardi Former empress of the now fallen Myre Empire Sewer Moonlight Tavern


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Blacksmith Linus Blacksmith Linus Weaponsmith Behemoth
Cinda Cinda Weaponsmith Behemoth
Kargon Kargon Weaponsmith Behemoth
Ophelia Bagrans Ophelia Bagrans GBL Leader Behemoth
Isadora Isadora GBL Librarian, Consumable Merchant Behemoth
Vangelis Vangelis GBL Assault Captain Behemoth

Northern Shelter

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Bwanga Bwanga World Renowned Bludgeon Master, APC Northern Shelter
Mintai Mintai Consumable Merchant Northern Shelter
Michelle Michelle Telekinetic Cypher Northern Shelter
Zanbato Aganzo Zanbato Aganzo World Renowned Zanbato Master, APC Northern Shelter
Valena Valena Northern Shelter

West Coast (Mirror Arad)

Orca Orca Vice Chieftain West Coast
Mintai Mintai Shaman West Coast
Loton Maximug Loton Maximug Alchemist West Coast
Kargon Kargon Weaponsmith West Coast
Lorianne Lorianne Merchant West Coast


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Marlene Kitzka Marlene Kitzka Transportation from Underfoot to Ghent, Accessories Merchant, Chief Court Lady Ghent Market Street, Underfoot Harbor
Sandstorm Varracht Sandstorm Varracht Weapons Merchant, Former Kartel Member, APC Ghent Market Street
Melvin Richter Melvin Richter Scientist, One of the Seven Shards of Empyrean, Item Producer Ghent Manufacturing District
Vaughn Walshuted Vaughn Walshuted World Renowned Short Sword Master, APC Underfoot (Temporary), Behemoth (Temporary), Ghent Manufacturing District
Zeldine Schneider Zeldine Schneider Boss Unique Merchant, Imperial City Chief Guard Ghent Manufacturing District
Imperial Princess Erje Imperial Princess Erje Imperial Princess of Empyrean Ghent Imperial Palace (Only after completing quests related to Kartel Headquarters)

Bahn Hafen

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Beren Vonnegut Beren Vonnegut Boss Unique Merchant, Region Transportation: Bahn Hafen > Slaugh Industrial Complex Bahn Hafen Oceanic Express Entrance, Slaugh Eringhill Station
Coral Coral Superior Pot Merchant Western Bahn Hafen

City of Shonan

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Shonan Aska Shonan Aska Queen of Suju, Dragon Tournament Rewards Merchant Suju Gym
Master Siran Master Siran Boss Unique Merchant, World Renowned Katana Master, APC Suju Gym
Woo, the Royal Messenger Woo, the Royal Messenger Transportation from Underfoot to Suju Suju Blacksmith, Underfoot Harbor
Jun, the Blacksmith Jun, the Blacksmith Weapon Refine System, 2nd. Awakening Weapon Producer, Dragon Tournament Entry Merchant Suju Blacksmith


Mt. Kulun Guardian Bai Ming Mt. Kulun Guardian Bai Ming Mt. Kulun Guardian, Mt. Kulun Limited Quest Giver, Mt. Kulun Rewards Merchant Kulundal
Nen Sage Jiu Long Nen Sage Jiu Long Mysterious Nen Sage, Mt. Kulun Limited Quest Giver Kulundal

Slaugh Industrial Complex

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Brigadier General Navarre Brigadier General Navarre Brigadier General of the Empyrean Army, APC, Head of the Power Station liberation operation Slaugh Central Street
Ria Richter Ria Richter Hologram Operator, Melvin Ricther's Little Sister Slaugh Central Street
Farrel Wane Farrel Wane Inventor of the Landrunner, Boss Unique Merchant Slaugh Central Street
Mathias Nessman Mathias Nessman Orphan, Operator of the Crane Game Slaugh Eringhill Station


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Naen Siger Naen Siger Researcher of 'Seven Shards', Anton Raid Featured Quest Giver and Rewards Merchant Noblesky
Hiram Klauf Hiram Klauf Empyrean Coast Guard Captain from Etten Noblesky
Jakter the Eagle Eye Jakter the Eagle Eye Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army, Head of the Anton Takedown Operation Noblesky
Woon Lyonir Woon Lyonir Experienced Ranger, Adjutant of Jakter the Eagle Eye Noblesky


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Nevillo Jurgen Nevillo Jurgen Empyrean Nobility, Investigator Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Imperial Princess Isabella Imperial Princess Isabella Princess of the De Los Empire, Investigator Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Hound Cyrus Hound Cyrus Demon Slayer of the Empire, Isabella's bodyguard, Investigator, APC Joint Investigation Group Outpost
Meryl Pioneer Meryl Pioneer One of the Seven Shards of Empyrean, Member of the Adventurer's Guild Adventurer's Guild
Hunter Von Hunter Von Hunter and Tracker of the Adventurer's Guild, Boss Unique Merchant, Cinematic Viewer Adventurer's Guild
Dana Donatel Dana Donatel Member of the Adventurer's Guild Adventurer's Guild
Azalea Lott Azalea Lott Dungeon Fighter Association leader, Founder and Leader of the Grim Seekers Grim Seeker
Roy Hartwig Roy Hartwig "The Burning Pen", Grim Seeker Grim Seeker
Eventful Erica Eventful Erica Battle Mage, Grim Seeker Grim Seeker

Saint Horn

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Captain Luther Captain Luther Quest Giver for Ancient Dungeons, Ancient Dungeon Rewards Merchant, Transportation back to Arad Saint Horn Bow
Bowmaster Ludmilla Bowmaster Ludmilla Chronicle 3 Merchant, Transportation from Underfoot to Saint Horn Saint Horn, Underfoot Harbor
Natalia Sue Natalia Sue Chronicle 2 Merchant, Sword Master, Female Slayer's Rival, APC Saint Horn
Last Memet Last Memet Guardian of Time, Time Gate - Requiem Unlocker Saint Horn (Disappears once Time Gate - Requiem is unlocked)

Metro Center/Central Park

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Pai Pai Daily Quest giver Central Park
Kate Kate Summoner, APC Central Park
Niu Niu Battle Mage, APC Central Park
Red Witch Red Witch Elementalist, APC Central Park
x100px Red Tail Jonathan Terranium Trader, Equipment Reinforcer Central Park

Pandemonium Junction

Portrait Name Occupation Location


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