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Base Job Mage
Job NPC Sharan
Specialized Weapon Rod, Staff
Specialized Armor Cloth Armor
Class Information Percent:
Magic Skills: Percent
Physical Skills: None
Alternate Names Elemental Master
Korean: 엘레멘탈 마스터
Japanese: エレメンタルマスター (Erementaru Masutā, lit. Elemental Master)
Chinese: 元素师
Alternate Names Archmage
Korean: 아크메이지
Japanese: アークメイジ (Ākumeiji, lit. Archmage)
Chinese: 大魔导师
Second Awakening
Alternate Names Korean:오버마인드
Overmind Ani.gif

Fireballs of unthinkable destruction… come from such a little girl

The Elementalist is a Mage who has a kinship with nature. She is able to control and manipulate the four elements of Fire, Ice, Light and Shadow. She primarily resorts to long-range attacks, blanketing large areas with damage. The Elementalist often specializes in specific elements, fully embracing their characteristics.

  • At level 50, the Elementalist awakens as the Archmage. At level 75, the Archmage awakens as an Overmind.
  • Her subclass cosmetic effect is a multi-colored aura.
  • Her 2nd Awakening cosmetic effect is a huge burst of 4 elements that swirl around her when she is idle.

Becoming an Elementalist

The Mage must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blue Guardian Vetala in Silver Crown.
  2. Clear the Ringwood Underground Penitentiary.

Awakening as an Archmage

For generations, the mysterious beings from the world of Pandemonium known as mages have been dedicated not only to the study and practice of magic, but also to discovering the answer to why magic exists in the first place. They have been driven to learn why such dangerously infinite power has been placed in such foolish and finite beings.

You may think you know the answer, but I assure you that you do not. Mages have been seeking an answer for eternity, and could probably continue for an eternity more. However, legend has it that a chosen one will arrive and she will know, an Archmage who will come to not only understand the ultimate truth, but become that truth in physical form.

Throughout the ages, many have tried to claim the title of Archmage, only to be thrust into a life of endless bloodshed and betrayals before being forgotten altogether by history. Most have ceased entirely efforts to become Archmages. However, this legend has been given new life now that young mages have been spilling into Arad from Pandemonium in the hopes of reviving their withered world. Will one of these young mages become the Archmage of legend, or will all face the gruesome fate that befell their predecessors? History waits in breathless anticipation.

The Elementalist must first reach level 50.

  1. Talk to Sharan in Underfoot Hall.
  2. Collect 10 White Cubes, 10 Red Cubes, 100 Superior Hardeners, and 100 Superior Irons.
  3. Clear the 30th floor of the Tower of the Dead.
  4. Obtain 10 Powerful Essences from APCs in Tower of the Dead or Tower of Illusion.
  5. Collect 60 Chaos Stone Debris, 80 Seals of Empress Skardi, and 120 Seals of Emperor Heim.

Awakening as an Overmind


The Archmage must first reach level 75.

  1. Talk to Sharan in Underfoot Hall.
  2. Enter the Black Dragon Tournament and obtain 45 Dark Energies from the APC's.

New Skills


Icon Name Icon Name
Memorize.gif Memorize MoveCasting.gif Mobile Cast
FlameStrike.gif Fire Pillar Void.gif The Void
SunBurst.gif Sun Burst ChillingFence.gif Ice Wall
FlameMastery.gif Elemental Mastery: Fire IceMastery.gif Elemental Mastery: Water
DarkMastery.gif Elemental Mastery: Shadow LightMastery.gif Elemental Mastery: Light
HalloweenBuster.gif Halloween Buster ThunderCalling.gif Lightning Strike
ArcticFeast.gif Arctic Burst NightHollow.gif Black Hole

TP Skills

Icon Name
EXFlame Pillar Upgrade.png Fire Pillar Upgrade
EXVoidIcon.png The Void Upgrade
EXSun Buster Upgrade.png Sun Burst Upgrade
EXIce Walls Upgrade.png Ice Wall Upgrade
EXHalloweenIcon.png Halloween Buster Upgrade
EXLightning Strike Upgrade.png Lightning Strike Upgrade
EXArcticIcon.png Arctic Burst Upgrade
EXBlack Hole Upgrade.png Black Hole Upgrade

Awakening Skills

Icon Name
ElementalFocus.gif Elemental Focus
AstralStorm.gif Astral Storm
EXIceWallIcon.png Shining Ice Fence
EXFlameVoidIcon.png Flame Void Volcano
2nd Awakening Skills
Elementalpotential.png Elemental Potential
Runesoftrans.png Transcendence Runes
Thegate.png Elemental Gateways
Sestoelemental.png The Sixth Element

General Skills

Icon Name
Elementalist Cloth Armor Mastery.png Elementalist Cloth Armor Mastery

Original Class Skills


Icon Name Icon Name
MagicMissile.gif Magic Missile HeavenlyStrike.gif Sky Assault
DragonFang.gif Dragon Fang LanternFire.gif Lantern Firebomb
Fluorescent.gif Florae Circle Hired Summon- Panzer Hodor.gif Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor
AncientLibrary.gif Ancient Library AuraShield.gif Mana Shield
Frosthead.gif Frosty's Head Pluto.gif Pluto
LessonStart.gif Lasher Shururu.gif Cheeky Doll Shururu
PhaseShift.gif Phase Shift Showtime.gif Magic Festival
AerialLF.gif Aerial Lantern Firebomb FallingFlower.gif Palm Blast
Disenchant.gif Disenchant ElementalBurn.gif Elemental Burn


Icon Name
Basic Training.jpg Basic Training
GreatWillpower.gif Indomitable Spirit
AncientMemory.gif Ancient Memory
Backstep.gif Backstep
PCriticalHit.gif Physical Critical Hit
PBackAttack.gif Physical Rear Attack
MCriticalHit.gif Magic Critical Hit
MBackAttack.gif Magic Rear Attack
ThrowMastery.gif Throw Mastery
QuickStanding.gif Quick Rebound
Jump.gif Leap
Conversion Regular.png Conversion

General TP Skills

Icon Name
EXMagicMissle.png Magic Missile Upgrade
Weapon Uppercut Upgrade.png Sky Assault Upgrade
EXDragon Fang Upgrade.png Dragon Fang Upgrade
Lantern Firebomb Upgrade.png Lantern Firebomb Upgrade
EXFloraeIcon.png Florae Circle Upgrade
EXPanzerIcon.png Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor Upgrade
EXLibraryIcon.png Ancient Library Upgrade
EXManaIcon.png Mana Shield Upgrade
Frosty's Head Upgrade.png Frosty's Head Upgrade
Pluto Upgrade.png Pluto Upgrade
EXLasherIcon.png Lasher Upgrade
EXShururuIcon.png Cheeky Doll Shururu Upgrade
EXPalmIcon.png Palm Blast Upgrade
EXEleBurnIcon.png Elemental Burn Upgrade
Basic Training Upgrade.png Basic Training Upgrade


For build suggestions and combos, refer to the Strategies page.

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  • The weapon the Elementalist has in the picture is known as Elemental Harmony, a unique weapon for mages at Level 55 or higher.
    • This references the storyline for awakening as an Archmage, the answer to the ultimate question being "Elemental Harmony".

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