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Emblems are special avatar equipment that can be equipped into slotted avatars for more bonuses.


Socket slots can be created for Emblems. Only Advanced avatars or better can have sockets. Advanced avatars have 2 sockets, while rare avatars can also have an additional platinum socket. Sockets can be created by using a Socket Generator.

Sockets have different colors for each avatar slot:

  • Red: Hair, Hat
  • Yellow: Face, Neck
  • Blue: Waist, Shoes
  • Green: Top, Bottom
  • Platinum: Top, Bottom (Rare avatars only)


Emblems come in three different forms:

  • Solid: Can only be equipped in the same slot as its color.
  • Dual: Contains two colors, and can be placed in either color slot.
  • Prism: Can be placed in any slot except for platinum.

In addition, Emblems have 4 different grades:

  • Bronze: which can be found in randomly from dungeons.
  • Silver: can be created by Avatar Sundering or through synthesis.
  • Gold: can be created by Avatar Sundering or through synthesis.
  • Platinum: can be created by Avatar Sundering, or found in dungeons.

Once an Emblem is equipped on a Socket, it cannot be used again. If you equip a new Emblem on a socket with an Emblem equipped, the old Emblem will be replaced. Avatars must have slots before you can add Emblems to them.

Avatar Sundering and Emblem Synthesizing

Daphine offers the services of Avatar Sundering and Emblem Synthesizing. Avatar Sundering allows you to convert Avatars into Emblems, while Emblem Synthesizing allows you to combine 2 Bronze or higher grade Emblems for a new random stat of equal or higher grade. However, the chances of synthesizing for a higher grade is low.

Regular Emblems

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Red Emblems

Red emblems increase primary stats, and are usually slotted into the Hat and Hair avatars.

Stat Bonus
Bronze Silver Gold
Strength Bronze Emblem Strength.png +10 Silver Emblem Strength.png +17 Gold Emblem Strength.png +25
Intelligence Bronze Emblem Intelligence.png +10 Silver Emblem Intelligence.png +17 Gold Emblem Intelligence.png +25
Vitality Bronze Emblem Vitality.png +10 Silver Emblem Vitality.png +17 Gold Emblem Vitality.png +25
Spirit Bronze Emblem Spirit.png +10 Silver Emblem Spirit.png +17 Gold Emblem Spirit.png +25
All Stats Bronze Emblem All Stats.png +4 Silver Emblem All Stats.png +6 Gold Emblem All Stats.png +9

Yellow Emblems

Yellow emblems increase speed and recovery stats, and are usually slotted into the Torso and Face avatars.

Stat Bonus
Bronze Silver Gold
Attack Speed Bronze Emblem Attack Speed.png +0.6% Silver Emblem Attack Speed.png +1.1% Gold Emblem Attack Speed.png +1.5%
Casting Speed Bronze Emblem Casting Speed.png +0.9% Silver Emblem Casting Speed.png +1.6% Gold Emblem Casting Speed.png +2.2%
HP Recovery Rate Bronze Emblem HP Recovery.png +13.2 Silver Emblem HP Recovery.png +27 Gold Emblem HP Recovery.png +36
MP Recovery Rate Bronze Emblem MP Recovery.png +13.2 Silver Emblem MP Recovery.png +27 Gold Emblem MP Recovery.png +36
Hit Recovery Bronze Emblem Hit Recovery.png +30 Silver Emblem Hit Recovery.png +55 Gold Emblem Hit Recovery.png +75

Green Emblems

Green emblems are usually slotted into the Top and Bottom avatars.

Stat Bonus
Bronze Silver Gold
Physical Critical Hit Bronze Emblem Physical Critical Hit.png +1.2% Silver Emblem Physical Critical Hit.png +2.2% Gold Emblem Physical Critical Hit.png +3%
Magical Critical Hit Bronze Emblem Magic Critical Hit.png +1.2% Silver Emblem Magic Critical Hit.png +2.2% Gold Emblem Magic Critical Hit.png +3%
Max HP Bronze Emblem Max HP.png +65 Silver Emblem Max HP.png +110 Gold Emblem Max HP.png +160
Max MP Bronze Emblem Max MP.png +65 Silver Emblem Max MP.png +110 Gold Emblem Max MP.png +160
Evasion Rate Bronze Emblem Evasion Rate.png +0.6% Silver Emblem Evasion Rate.png +1.1% Gold Emblem Evasion Rate.png +1.5%

Blue Emblem

Blue emblems are usually slotted into the Waist and Shoe avatars.

Stat Bonus
Bronze Silver Gold
Hit Rate Bronze Emblem Hit Rate.png +0.6% Silver Emblem Hit Rate.png +1.1% Gold Emblem Hit Rate.png +1.5%
Movement Speed Bronze Emblem Movement Speed.png +0.6% Silver Emblem Movement Speed.png +1.1% Gold Emblem Movement Speed.png +1.5%
Physical Defense Bronze Emblem Physical Defense.png +255 Silver Emblem Physical Defense.png +440 Gold Emblem Physical Defense.png +620
Magical Defense Bronze Emblem Magic Defense.png +255 Silver Emblem Magic Defense.png +440 Gold Emblem Magic Defense.png +620
Jump Strength Bronze Emblem Jump Strength.png +6 Silver Emblem Jump Strength.png +11 Gold Emblem Jump Strength.png +15

Prismatic Emblems

These multicolor emblems can be put into any slot.

Stat Bonus
Bronze Silver Gold
Max Inventory Weight Bronze Emblem Max Inventory Weight.png +1.2kg Silver Emblem Max Inventory Weight.png +2.1kg Gold Emblem Max Inventory Weight.png +3.5kg
All Elemental Resistance Bronze Emblem All Elemental Resistance.png +2 Silver Emblem All Elemental Resistance.png +3 Gold Emblem All Elemental Resistance.png +5
All Abnormal Status Resistance Bronze Emblem All Abnormal Status Resistance.png +2 Silver Emblem All Abnormal Status Resistance.png +3 Gold Emblem All Abnormal Status Resistance.png +5

Dual Emblems

These emblems may be put into any slot that could host either color, and only come in Silver and Gold ranks.

For example: a Red/Green emblem may go into the Hat, Hair, Top or Bottom avatars


These emblems are composed of one of the following 2 stats:

Stat Bonus
Silver Gold
Strength +10 +15
Intelligence +10 +15

And one of the following 4 stats:

Stat Bonus
Silver Gold
Physical Critical Hit +1.1% +1.5%
Magic Critical Hit +1.1% +1.5%
Max HP +55 +80
Max MP +55 +80
Evasion Rate +0.6% +0.8%

For any of the following possibilities:

  • Strength + Physical Critical Hit
  • Strength + Max HP
  • Strength + Max MP
  • Strength + Evasion Rate
  • Intelligence + Magical Critical Hit
  • Intelligence + Max HP
  • Intelligence + Max MP
  • Intelligence + Evasion Rate


These emblems are composed of one of the following 3 stats:

Stat Bonus
Silver Gold
Attack Speed +0.6% +0.8%
Casting Speed +0.8% +1.1%
Hit Recovery +27 +37

These emblems are composed of one of the following 2 stats:

Stat Bonus
Silver Gold
Movement Speed +0.6% +0.8%
Hit Rate +0.6% +0.8%

For the following combinations:

  • Hit Recovery + Movement Speed
  • Hit Recovery + Hit Rate
  • Casting Speed + Movement Speed
  • Casting Speed + Hit Rate
  • Attack Speed + Movement Speed
  • Attack Speed + Hit Rate

Platinum Emblems

Platinum emblems contain special and unique effects, and may only be slotted into a Top or Bottom Rare Avatar with a platnum slot.

Class Basic Skill

These emblems increase one of the level 1 skills (commonly refered to as launchers), and are seperated by class.

Each emblem provides Intelligence, Strength, Spirit, Vitality + 6 and one of the following: