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Final Pursuit

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Final Pursuit
Location Antwer Canyon
Min. Level 62
Level 62-65
Monster Level 65
End Boss Mecha Gizel


Reinvigorated by the arrival of seasoned Dungeon Fighters, the Imperial Army has begun their final assault on the Kartel!


Normal map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Final pursuit map.PNG
Min Fatigue: 8
Max Fatigue: 14
Secondary map
Start = Starting Point.png Boss = Boss.png
Final pursuit map2.PNG
Min Fatigue: 9
Max Fatigue: 15


  • Several powerful APCs will aid you in the Dungeon including Brigadier General Navarre (Mechanic), Unstoppable Kon (Mechanic), Biyan (F.Ranger), Agent Laini (F.Launcher), and Rabble Rouser Rake (Ranger).
  • If you get Rake as a helper, be wary that he may betray you at any time.
  • Once you finish all the Epic Quests, you'll randomly get one of the above APCs (Excluding Kon and Biyan) to aid you when you do the dungeon.
  • Firebombs are very effective against Mecha Gizel. You can get these from gathering Bulletproof Iron Fragments and doing a repeatable quest.
  • If you fully complete the dungeon before tackling Mecha Gizel, you'll have some help from the APCs.


  • Kartel
    • Kartel Soldier
    • Kartel Fire Controller
    • Enhanced Cyborg Kartel Soldier
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Bunker Tank
    • Greeny
    • Stitches
    • Bonkerz
    • UM-9 Electron
    • Kartel Engineer
  • Champion
    • Carny
    • Raid Trooper Maron
    • Camoka the Night Caller
    • ZX-5 Sparky Gamma
    • Rabble Rouser Rake
    • Doctor Gizel