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The Giants were three sub-bosses you fought in Scoria Core on the way to the boss room. You had to fight all three of them at once in the final boss room. They are now fought as one of the possible boss encounters in Contagious Area.



  • Use grabs to bypass their Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) attacks.
  • The bosses should be taken care of in the following order: Goliath, Atlas, Titan.
    • Get rid of Goliath first: The sooner you get rid of him and his summons, the easier the fight will be.
    • Atlas will cast Haste (Status).png Haste (Status) when his health is low. Try not to target him until Goliath's summons are all dead, or else he may be able to do several hit-and-run attacks with his insane speed, using Goliath's spirits as meat shields to block and counter-attack you.
    • When Titan casts Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status), take advantage of the fact that he is the slowest of the three Giants. Try to kill him last so you have the breathing space to maneuver.

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