Male Mage

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Male Mage
Job NPC Sharan
Specialized Weapon Prefers Rod, Staff, but can use Spear, Pole
Specialized Armor N/A, formerly Cloth Armor
Alternate Names Mage
Korean: 마법사
Japanese: メイジ (Meiji, lit. Mage)
Chinese: 魔法师
I'm not afraid of death... are you?
Who needs a heart when you have the limitless power of the Abyss?

"Who needs a heart when you have the limitless power of the Abyss?"

While the main group of Mages in Brooklyn, Pandemonium flourished in their advancement of magic, an outcast group of Mages in the Bronx tried to create their own style of magic. But theirs was a dark, twisted magic that was difficult to control, and so the dark Mages from the Bronx were treated as inferior.

But then an event transpired that would change all of that. The High Mage Moah, from Kashpa, discovered the existence of the Abyss during her Dark Magic Research...

The Abyss was a source of energy and life, unlike anything seen before, and it began to appear in random places across Pandemonium. Moah discovered that one couldobtain great magical prowess, by replacing parts of one's body with the Abyss, but the chances of success were terribly low, and there wasn't enough time or test subjects to assess the side effects.

For many, the lure of power beckoned more loudly than the fear of the untested, and so many attempted the procedure. Some lost their lives, others lost their magic, but a previous few were reborn with the unlimited power of the Abyss.

This newfound power tipped the political balance, and the Kashpa influence seeped towards the inlands of Brooklyn. The First Pandemonium Assembly was formed in response, and in their research, they discovered the Chaser, the most sophisticated combat style of all magical academies.

The magical styles born of the Abyss where many as well, and they included the Elemental Bomber, Cross Counter, Glacial Master, Challenger, Swift Master, Spiritist, Mind Controller, Hollow Hollows, Graviton, Unsummoner, and countless others. These are the entities of the Male Mage.

The Male Mage is a young mage that originally came from Pandemonium. Pulled by the lure of infinite power, the mage chose to undergo the dangerous process of replacing a part of himself with the Abyss. The end result is gaining massive magical abilities and receiving Immortality.

The Male Mage can eventually become an Elemental Bomber or a Glacial Master.


  • Close combat related stats--HP, Strength, Moving Speed, etc--are fairly low.
    • Due to low physical defense and low stats, careless play will often result in death.
    • Possesses the power of Immortality, acting as a sort of Auto-Revive, while rapidly regenerating HP/MP. In short, it makes it very hard to truly die in Normal dungeons.
    • Certain attacks can be evaded easier than the other characters due to having a small hit box from being short.
    • Normal melee combo goes up to 4. Unlike its Female counterpart, the Male Mage attacks using ranged orbs that deal magic damage.
  • Magic related stats, however, is significantly superior to all other characters.

Subclass Advancement

Elemental Bomber - Fitting to his name, the Elemental Bomber overwhelms the opposition with bombardments of elemental attacks. He can shift the element of his basic orb attacks, giving them additional properties and adding extra gusto in every shot. With the destructive elemental magic he wields he can conjure Chains of Lightning, Hails of Ice, and can finish it all off with a literal storm of Elemental Orbs. The Elemental Bomber is ideal for those who enjoy blasting mobs with large bursts or elemental magic.

Glacial Master - A master of Water and Ice magic, the Glacial Master can conjure a large variety of frozen weapons and wield them with great efficiency. He has a versatile playstyle, able of going toe-to-toe with foes with conjured melee weapons, to hurling frozen projectiles from great distances, as well as summoning glacial water sprouts around himself. He boasts higher defense than other M.Mage classes with his leather armor mastery. He synergizes well with other classes capable of Freezing. The Glacial Master is ideal for those who enjoy wielding glacial magic in a large variety of ways to shatter monsters.

Becoming an Elemental Bomber

The Male Mage must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blue Guardian Vetala in Silver Crown.
  2. Clear the Ringwood Underground Penitentiary to become the Elemental Bomber.

Becoming a Glacial Master

The Male Mage must first reach level 15.

  1. Talk to Blue Guardian Vetala in Silver Crown.
  2. Clear the Ringwood Underground Penitentiary to become the Glacial Master.

Class Comparison

For help deciding on your character, the Class Comparison tables have side-by-side class and subclass comparisons.



Icon Name
Immortality.png Immortality
Abyss.PNG Abyss
WindStrike.png Wind Strike
WaterCannon.png Water Cannon
ConcentFury.png Concentrated Fury
TrapStrike.png Trap Strike
Teleport.png Teleport
GhostFlame.png Ghost Flame
FlameShield.png Flame Shield
MagicCannon.png Magic Cannon
IcyWhiteSword.png Icy White Sword


Icon Name
Basic Training.jpg Basic Training
GreatWillpower.gif Indomitable Spirit
AncientMemory.gif Ancient Memory
Backstep.gif Backstep
PCriticalHit.gif Physical Critical Hit
PBackAttack.gif Physical Rear Attack
MCriticalHit.gif Magic Critical Hit
MBackAttack.gif Magic Rear Attack
ThrowMastery.gif Throw Mastery
QuickStanding.gif Quick Rebound
Jump.gif Leap
Conversion Regular.png Conversion

General TP Skills

Icon Name
EXWindStrikeIcon.png Wind Strike Upgrade
EXWaterCannonIcon.png Water Cannon Upgrade
EXConcentFuryIcon.png Concentrated Fury Upgrade
EXTrapStrikeIcon.png Trap Strike Upgrade
EXGhostFlameIcon.png Ghost Flame Upgrade
EXFlameShieldIcon.png Flame Shield Upgrade
EXMagicCannonIcon.png Magic Cannon Upgrade
EXIcyWhiteIcon.png Icy White Sword Upgrade
Basic Training Upgrade.png Basic Training Upgrade

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Dark Knight

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