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Multi Headshot

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MultiHeadShot.png Fires several headshots in rapid succession. Arrow keys must be used to control the direction of fire.This skill grants Super Armor and cannot be used with Hand Cannons.


  • Command Input: Leftkey.pngUpkey.pngRightkey.pngZ.png
  • This skill consumes 1 clear cube fragment.
  • Fixed attack range of 600px.
  • The user stays in super armor during activation.
  • Lands hit against any mid-air, standing, and downed target.
  • Be aware that each shot only lands hits on two random targets within the attack range. Can be troublesome against multiple monsters.
  • Unlike the skill Headshot, it can miss.
  • Increases duration of hit stun as the skill level rises.
  • Female Version fires 7 times

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