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PvP, short for Player versus Player, is where one player is pitted against another player, or teams of players are pitted against one another.

Entering the Arena

You must be lv 35 or above to access the PvP channel

A player who wishes to PvP must first join the game regularly (via the normal channels). Once in-game, pressing the middle menu will bring up the Arena option (default key shortcut: P). This will bring up the PvP channel selection window, and the player can then choose which channel to join from the options available.

PvP Channels

There are currently 2 different PvP channels to choose from.

  • Practice Arena A: Channel 101
  • Practice Arena B: Channel 102

Both channels have a level limit of (lvl 35+): This channel is intended to be used for sparring against another player or practice against APCs (Automated Player Characters).

Joining a Game Room

  • You will be in Seria's Gate while choosing a PvP room.
    • The storage chest and mailbox are still accessible from here.
  • On the right of the screen is a window with PvP rooms.
    • A white room is a room that has not started the PvP match.
    • A grey room is a room that has already started the match.
    • If a room is locked, you must have the password to enter.
  • You may enter the south entrance in Seria's Gate to go to the Elven Moonlight Tavern. This place serves as a lobby, and you can see other players who aren't in a PvP room here as well.

Game Rooms

In the game room, you will see all of the other players in the room. When entering, everyone is shown with a blue scale above their heads showing that stats of the character have been balanced with other characters stats to make a fair game. Any other players who enter after you will be shown with the scale once they enter.

On the right is a window showing who is in the room, team color (if using team mode), and currently set arena. In the window, one player is designated as the room master who chooses all the options and can expel players from the room. All other members of the room must "ready up" by pressing X (to cancel ready up, press X again). Once all members of the room are ready, the room master must press X to start the match.

Battle Setup


  • Tavern: 2-8 players
  • Anihilation Field 2-8 players
  • Odessa Streets 2-8 players
  • Bantu Camp 2-8 players
  • Tower 2-8 players
    • Random: You can also randomize the map each match.

Arena Modes


  • A free-for-all; there are no teams.
  • The last remaining person is the winner.
  • Only the winner will receive PvP exp.
  • Each KO will give more victory points, even if one is not the winner.
  • While this gives considerably more PvP experience than the other modes, winning requires far more skill.


  • Players are organized into two teams: Red and Blue.
  • All players will fight at the same time, and no extra lives are given.
  • Winner is the last team standing.
  • Teamwork and communication is vital
  • Good for support-orientated builds


  • Players are on teams; however the matches are one-on-one.
    • The winner of each round will fight the next person of the opposite team.
    • The winner of the previous round will get a small amount of healing before the next round commences.
    • Winner is the last team standing.
  • Press Spacebar to indicate readiness to enter the next round if your current teammate is defeated.
    • If more than one person is "Ready", then the selection is random.
    • Pressing spacebar again will remove the "Ready" state, with a cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • Reward is Victory Points and PvP Experience, dependent on team size.
  • If one person defeats the entire opposing team (in a match with teams of 2 or more players), they will receive an "All Kill!" bonus, increasing their rewards.




  • PvP experience gained from winning a battle contributes to your PvP rank.
    • Current amount of PvP experience appears in an orange bar across the bottom of your screen.
    • Your ranking is shown next to the character name, in grey.
    • The rankings are: Vagabond (blue dot next to number), Gladiator (yellow dot), and Hero (red dot).
  • A PvP loss means no PvP exp gained.
    • At Gladiator 1 and above, a PvP loss results in lost exp.
    • The amount lost depends on the level of the opponent, if a Gladiator 1 loses to a Vagabond 10, 1799 exp is lost. If a Gladiator 1 loses to a Gladiator 1, only 899 exp is lost.
    • At Gladiator 2 and above, 0 exp is gained against PvP Players of Vagabond rank.
  • One can see the current top rankers on the official DFO main page here.

Top Ranks / Kanji Ranks

Kanji ranks are only given to the top percentile of Hero ranked players. So if there are 100 Heroes, only 1 of them is able to hold the War God rank.

Rank Percentile
War God.png 1%
Emperor.png 3%
Small Emperor.png 6%
Master.png 10%
Expert.png 15%

Hero Ranks

Rank Exp
Hero 10.png 5,370,000
Hero 9.png 4,431,000
Hero 8.png 3,620,000
Hero 7.png 2,930,000
Hero 6.png 2,355,000
Hero 5.png 1,889,000
Hero 4.png 1,526,000
Hero 3.png 1,259,000
Hero 2.png 1,081,000
Hero 1.png 986,000

Gladiator Ranks

Rank Exp
Gladiator 10.png 865,000
Gladiator 9.png 753,000
Gladiator 8.png 655,000
Gladiator 7.png 566,000
Gladiator 6.png 490,000
Gladiator 5.png 422,000
Gladiator 4.png 365,000
Gladiator 3.png 315,000
Gladiator 2.png 275,000
Gladiator 1.png 240,000

Vagabond Ranks

Rank Exp
Vagabond 10.png 181,000
Vagabond 9.png 131,000
Vagabond 8.png 91,000
Vagabond 7.png 59,000
Vagabond 6.png 36,000
Vagabond 5.png 19,000
Vagabond 4.png 8,000
Vagabond 3.png 2,000
Vagabond 2.png 1 Win
Vagabond 1.png Given

Victory Point

  • All participating fighters will automatically receive at least 1 Victory Point. More are awarded for winning a match.
    • These victory points can be used to purchase potions and high quality weapons from Grubeck Goblinde.
    • These points are sometimes used for quests.


  • One can gain a small amount of character experience via Team Deathmatch mode.

Common Courtesy

  • Follow the rules of the room name.
    • For example, if the room name states, "No X" where X is an item or a certain class.
    • Stating certain level ranges in the room name .
  • Do not hurry the room master to start the game.
  • Active Awakenings in 1v1 and Elimination are frowned upon.
  • Before starting, wait for the connection icons to sync to see the if connection strength is good or not. (Yellow or lower)
  • The first match will sometimes exhibit "load lag." This is usually the case with Summoners. Please have patience.
  • Throwing items, like Split Disks are deeply frowned upon.

PvP Issues

  • The game uses a P2P system (Peer-to-Peer). Therefore, lags can happen if the two players happen to be far away from your network. To reduce this issue, port forwarding is highly recommended.

DFO Ports

  • TCP:10011-10019
  • UDP:5063