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Quick Rebound

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Enables your character to quickly rebound up to a sitting position after getting knocked down, ignoring the enemy's attacks to seek an opportunity to counterattack.


  • Command Input: Press C.png while downed
  • Casting Time: Instant
  • Cool Time: 5 seconds
  • Grants 3 Seconds of invulnerability after use.
  • Grants super armor for 0.3 seconds.
  • Holding the button will keep the player crouched, maintaining invincibility frames for a longer duration.


Lv Lv Req SP MP Cast Time Downtime Rebound Immobility Duration
1 (M) 1 10 1 Instant 5 3sec (Duel 1sec)
2 - - 1 Instant 5 4.5sec (Duel 1.5sec)

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