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Altar of Light

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Altar of Light
Altar of Light.png
Location Luke's Laboratory
Min. Level 90
Level 90-110
Monster Level ?
End Boss Icon-Large-armed Prince Golgotha.png Large-armed Prince Golgotha and Icon-Iron-armed Princess Kalbarri.png Iron-armed Princess Kalbarri


The Altar of Light is filled with light energy. Luke's creations that arrive in this altar sense the blessing of light reaching deep inside them. This energy of light that has been accumulated for millennia travels through the wires and pipes inside them, breathing luminous life into them.





Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Kashipa's Hermit.png Kashipa's Hermit Leather Belt 90 P. Def. +906
STR +81
INT +81
SPR +29
EXO +288
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
Critical Damage +12% (Only the bonus with the highest value applies. [Applicable only to Critical Damage])
Lightning Lumbus.png Lightning Lumbus Light Armor Belt 90 P. Def. +1360
STR +31
INT +21
EXO +288
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg

All elemental damages +3 for every 6 Light Resistance (Up to +24)

Attacks create a 3% chance of Shocking enemies, attacking at 1,000 Atk. with every attack for 10 seconds. (The chance and effect decrease if the targets are Lv. 96 or above, and increase if Lv. 95 or below.)
Jantis Luma Shoulder.png Jantis Luma Shoulder Cloth Head/Shoulder 90 P. Def. +906
INT +42
SPR +42
EXO +288
Physical Critical Chance +10 %
Magic Critical Chance +10 %
Critical Damage +10% (Only the bonus with the highest value applies. [Applicable only to Critical Damage])
Four Sealed Guardians.png Four Sealed Guardians Necklace 90 M. Def. +9152
INT +42
SPR +105
EXO +480
All Elemental Resistances +18
All Elemental Damage +18
Bonus Damage +7%
Geminus Twin Rings.png Geminus Twin Rings Ring 90 M. Def. +3661
STR +63
INT +63
EXO +480
Decreases cooldown -30% for all skills with 30 or fewer seconds left to cool down for you and a random party member every 30 seconds at the cost of 2 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments. (Activated in 20 seconds after this item is equipped.)
Auto Mail Pes.png Auto Mail Pes Heavy Armor Shoes 90 P. Def. +2719
STR +29
INT +21
VIT +26
EXO +288
Movement Speed +4 %

Dashing and jumping casts Super Armor.

All Atk. +10% during Super Armor by this equipment. (Cooldown: 5 sec. Canceled when this item is unequipped.)
Goth Loli Dress.png Goth Loli Dress Cloth Top 90 P. Def. +1260
INT +52
SPR +52
EXO +288
HP MAX +880
All Elemental Damage +14

All elemental damage +1 for every Reinforcement/Amplify level. (up to Level 10)

All elemental damage +2 at Reinforcement/Amplify level 11 and up, and all elemental damages +2 for every higher level. (up to Level 15)
Machina Kor.png Machina Kor Plate Armor Top 90 P. Def. +6798
STR +43
INT +43
VIT +135
SPR +88
EXO +288
HP MAX +825
MP MAX +275
Damage from enemy attacks creates a 50% chance of restoring 10% HP for 100 seconds. (Cooldown: 20 sec.)
Black Arkous.png Black Arkous Bowgun 90 P. Atk. +1058
M. Atk. +1005
I. Atk. +642
STR +72
INT +35
EXO +768
Physical Critical Chance +3 %
Hit Rate +1 %

STR/INT +15%

Bonus Damage +15%

Piercing Strength +40
Bloodcurdling Rampas.png Bloodcurdling Rampas Halberd 90 P. Atk. +1269
M. Atk. +900
I. Atk. +642
STR +72
EXO +768
Inflict Light Damage
Light Damage +24
Hit Rate +1 %

Attack Damage +22%

Use the Equipment Control Key to cast a buff for 20 seconds at the cost of 2 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments. (Cooldown: 40 sec. Canceled when this item is unequipped.)

- Deletes this item's Damage Bonus effect.

- Attacks inflict 10% Bonus Light Damage.
Cotti Crux.png Cotti Crux Cross 90 P. Atk. +1058
M. Atk. +1005
I. Atk. +642
P. Def. +1045
M. Def. +1045
INT +72
VIT +87
SPR +87
EXO +768
Casting Speed +2 %
All Elemental Resistances +30
Divine Invocation Skill Lvl + 3
Strike Skill Lvl + 2
Wisdom Blessing Skill Lvl + 2
Blessing of Dawn Skill Lvl + 2
Valor Blessing Skill Lvl + 3

Casting creates a 20% chance of casting up to 5 Vermillion Bird Flames on random enemies within a 500 px range. (Cooldown: 5 sec.)

Revelation- Crusade.png Revelation: Crusade skill Atk. +10%
Dark Handcuffs.png Dark Handcuffs Knuckle 90 P. Atk. +1005
M. Atk. +1217
I. Atk. +642
INT +237
EXO +768
Casting Speed +2 %

INT +12%

Magical and Independent Atk. +8%

Skill MP cost +10%

Attacks create a 3% chance of casting up to 3 red tentacles on random enemies on one screen. (Cooldown: 5 sec.)
Iron Arm Kalbarri- Nuclear Punch.png Iron Arm Kalbarri: Nuclear Punch Gauntlets 90 P. Atk. +1269
M. Atk. +953
I. Atk. +642
STR +272
EXO +768
Hit Rate +1 %

Overwhelming Grab.png Overwhelming Grab casts Kalbarri's Iron Will buff for its duration. (Canceled when this item is unequipped.)

- Physical/Independent Atk. +10%

- Attacks create a 3% chance of sending forth up to 3 Nuclear Punch shock waves at random enemies within a 500 px range. (Cooldown: 3s)

Bonus Damage +10%
Strong Arm Golgotha- Nuclear Punch.png Strong Arm Golgotha: Nuclear Punch Totem 90 P. Atk. +1111
M. Atk. +953
I. Atk. +642
STR +107
EXO +768
Hit Rate +1 %

Nuclear Punch.png Nuclear Punch Atk. +45%, significantly increases Attack Speed, and range +45%

Attack damage +15% (Multiple damage bonuses do not stack. Only the bonus with the highest value applies. [Not applicable to Critical Damage])