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Map of Time Gate - Requiem

Time Gate - Requiem is a different section of Time Gate, accessed from Saint Horn. It is from here that the Ancient and Requiem dungeons can be accessed.


The Ancient Dungeons are a special category of dungeons that are much more difficult then regular dungeons. The HP and attack strength of enemies are much higher, the enemies have much more complex attack patterns, and your party is limited to 3 Tokens per run.

To unlock Ancients, you must speak to Last Memet in Saint Horn via a quest at level 85.

The entrance fee is 120 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments and 10 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternities.

Dungeon Name Level
King's Ruin.png King's Ruin 85-88
Vilmark - Area 50.png Vilmark - Area 50 85-88
Screaming Cavern.png Screaming Cavern 85-88
City of Noire Ferra.png City of Noire Ferra 85-88
Ghost Train.png Ghost Train 85-88
Reshpon, Village of Pain.png Reshpon, Village of Pain 85-88
Kartel Headquarters.png Kartel Headquarters 85-88

True Ancients

Time Gate - Requiem Dungeons, also known as True or EX Ancient Dungeons, are significantly harder versions of Ancient dungeons, with added gimmicks and attack patterns to each room. You are limited to 1 Token per person per run, and the limit is shared across the party.

To access True Ancients, you must pay Iris 100 Gold Cube Fragment.png Gold Cube Fragments at level 85 via a quest, after unlocking Ancients (it was 1000 Gold Cube Fragments before Act 5 part 1). A button labeled "Requiem Mode" is used to switch between normal and true Ancient Dungeons.

The entrance fee is 300 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments and 30 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternities.

Dungeon Name Level
EXKingsRelic.png EX: King's Ruin 85-88
Truevilmark.png EX: Vilmark - Area 50 85-88
Truescreamingcavern.png EX: Screaming Cavern 85-88
Truenoireferra.png EX: City of Noire Ferra 85-88
Trueghosttrain.png EX: Ghost Train 85-88
Truereshpon.png EX: Reshpon, Village of Pain 85-88
Truekartelheadquarters.png EX: Kartel Headquarters 85-88

Ancient Gate

After a set number of either Ancient or True Ancient dungeons have been completed, the Ancient Gate (also known as "Ancient Hell" or "Antiquitas Spatium") will appear in the following run. Running Ancient dungeons will cause Ancient Gate to appear on the 14th run, while running True Ancient dungeons will cause Ancient Gate to appear on the 10th run. Similar to Hell Mode, an additional room will be available within the dungeon where the player can choose to fight a Icon-Past Baston.png Past Baston, who will then drop various items such as Legendary Items sold by Captain Luther, Mix Magic Stones, or materials used to purchase Legendaries (e.g. Impostor Report.png Impostor Reports).

Only the first Past Baston fought within a day drops equipment, and any subsequent Past Bastons for the rest of the day will only drop Legendary Quest Materials.

The player must be in a party for runs to count towards the Ancient Gate appearance, however it is not necessary to have members other than oneself in the party.


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