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AnnisIcon.png Annis Bainstai
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Knight Subclass Instructor & Trainer
Location Silver Crown; Underfoot Harbor

Annis Bainstai is an Instructor and Trainer for the Knight as well as managing the gateway to Mirror Arad in Underfoot Harbor. She's considered quite skilled by her peers though she tends to talk about lighthearted topics.


Helps the Knight with awakening and allows the Knight to preview their subclass of choice during a quest in Glassfey.

At level 55 she has the first quest in the Mirror Arad introduction chain.


Request Chat

  • Hello. I'm Annis. Nice to meet you!
What do you think? Do I sound like Canna?
Sigh, I know I'm not as cute as Canna, so please don't tease me.
  • My hobby is making accessories, which is what I'm doing at this moment. I also like looking for accessory materials.
I made this pin a long time ago. A friend of mine gave me this ribbon to accessorize the bare pin.
Each and every accessory, including this bracelet, has a story. How'd you like to join me in making accessories sometime?
  • I've tried a new recipe today: Underfoot-style Sweet and Sour Apple Pie!
Uh-oh, I think I burned it a little.
I'll give you the next one if I don't burn it.

Conversation start

Conversation end


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