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Apostle's Descendant Avatars

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Apostle's Descendant Package

August 16th, 2012 ~ September 19th, 2012

  • Aura avatar premieres with this set.
  • 10 piece set.
  • 8 pieces is needed to activate all the set effects but the aura avatar does not count.
  • All avatars come with emblem sockets
  • Bottom Avatar includes options for +20 to Strength, Intelligence, Spirit, and Vitality, or +1 to a basic skill.
  • An unique Apostle Cut Scene replaces normal awakening cut scenes when the full set is equipped.
  • See Apostles to find out who they are.
Slayer - Lotus
Black Lotus Set.png Red Lotus Set.png Navy Lotus Set.png
Black Lotus Set Red Lotus Set Navy Lotus Set
  • Gold Mind Control Head Gear
  • Red Gangling Hair
  • Red Lotus Mask
  • Red Lotus Shoulder Glyph
  • Lotus's Blue Eye
  • Black Lotus Pants
  • Red Lotus Belt
  • Red Behemoth Boots
  • Lotus's Pale Skin
  • Silver Mind Control Head Gear
  • Black Gangling Hair
  • Black Lotus Mask
  • Purple Lotus Shoulder Glyph
  • Lotus's Red Eye
  • Red Lotus Pants
  • Black Lotus Belt
  • Black Behemoth Boots
  • Lotus's Gray Skin
  • Light Gold Mind Control Head Gear
  • Blond Gangling Hair
  • Purple Lotus Mask
  • Black Lotus Shoulder Glyph
  • Lotus's Colbolt Eye
  • Navy Lotus Pants
  • Navy Lotus Belt
  • Navy Behemoth Boots
  • Lotus's Bronze Skin
Fighter - Siroko
Purple Siroko Set.png Black Siroko Set.png White Siroko Set.png
Purple Siroko Set Black Siroko Set White Siroko Set
  • Siroko's Gold Hoops
  • Red Intangible Hair
  • Gold Screaming Eyes
  • Siroko's Intangible Purple Shoulder Armor
  • Siroko's Screaming Purple Dress
  • Siroko's Screaming Purple Lower Garments
  • Siroko's Purple Nugol Cincture
  • Siroko's Cursed Gold Sandals
  • Siroko's Pale Skin
  • Siroko's Steel Hoops
  • Silver Intangible Hair
  • Red Screaming Eyes
  • Siroko's Intangible Black Shoulder Armor
  • Siroko's Screaming Black Dress
  • Siroko's Screaming Black Lower Garments
  • Siroko's Black Nugol Cincture
  • Siroko's Cursed Black Sandals
  • Siroko's Bronze Skin
  • Siroko's Silver Hoops
  • Blue Intangible Hair
  • Blue Screaming Eyes
  • Siroko's Intangible White Shoulder Armor
  • Siroko's Screaming White Dress
  • Siroko's Screaming White Lower Garments
  • Siroko's White Nugol Cincture
  • Siroko's Cursed White Sandals
  • Siroko's Gray Skin
Male Fighter - Ozma
Purple Ozma Set.png Red Ozma Set.png Blue Ozma Set.png
Purple Ozma Set Red Ozma Set Blue Ozma Set
  • Ozma's Cursed Navy Horns
  • Ozma's Brown Mane of Chaos
  • Ozma's Purple Cursed Eyes
  • Ozma's Black Pauldrons of Darkness
  • Purple Mark of the Dark God
  • Ozma's Navy Armor of Chaos
  • Navy Dark Side Tether
  • Navy Boots of Destruction
  • Ozma's Purple Skin
  • Ozma's Cursed Black Horns
  • Ozma's Silver Mane of Chaos
  • Ozma's Red Cursed Eyes
  • Ozma's Red Pauldrons of Darkness
  • Blue Mark of the Dark God
  • Ozma's Black Armor of Chaos
  • Black Dark Side Tether
  • Black Boots of Destruction
  • Ozma's Bronze Skin
  • Ozma's Cursed Blue Horns
  • Ozma's Gold Mane of Chaos
  • Ozma's Gold Cursed Eyes
  • Ozma's Silver Pauldrons of Darkness
  • Gold Mark of the Dark God
  • Ozma's Blue Armor of Chaos
  • Blue Dark Side Tether
  • Blue Boots of Destruction
  • Ozma's Blue Skin
Gunner - Hilder
Purple Hilder Set.png Gold Hilder Set.png White Hilder Set.png
Purple Hilder Set Gold Hilder Set White Hilder Set
  • Hilder's Black-Tipped Feathers
  • Hilder's Silver Strands
  • Hilder's Blue Tears
  • Hilder's Black Magic Cloak
  • Hilder's Purple Coat of Magic
  • Hilder's Purple Pants of Magic
  • Hilder's Black Belt of Telepathy
  • Hilder's Purple Pandemonium Shoes
  • Hilder's Gray Skin
  • Hilder's Red-Tipped Feathers
  • Hilder's Gold Strands
  • Hilder's Black Tears
  • Hilder's Red Magic Cloak
  • Hilder's Gold Coat of Magic
  • Hilder's Gold Pants of Magic
  • Hilder's Red Belt of Telepathy
  • Hilder's Red Pandemonium Shoes
  • Hilder's Gray Skin
  • Hilder's Silver-Tipped Feathers
  • Hilder's Purple Strands
  • Hilder's Red Tears
  • Hilder's Purple Magic Cloak
  • Hilder's White Coat of Magic
  • Hilder's White Pants of Magic
  • Hilder's Blue Belt of Telepathy
  • Hilder's Blue Pandemonium Shoes
  • Hilder's Ashen Skin
Female Gunner - Cain
Purple Cain Set.png Black Cain Set.png Blue Cain Set.png
Purple Cain Set Black Cain Set Blue Cain Set
  • Cain's Steel Headdress
  • Cain's Blond Bangs
  • Pink Invincible Contacts
  • Cain's Steel Wings
  • Cain's Purple-Banded Corset
  • Cain's Purple Miniskirt
  • Untied Maroon Cinch
  • Cain's Purple-Banded Boots
  • Cain's Translucent Skin
  • Cain's Gold Headdress
  • Cain's Crimson Bangs
  • Crimson Invincible Contacts
  • Cain's Gold Wings
  • Cain's Black-Banded Corset
  • Cain's Black Miniskirt
  • Untied Black Cinch
  • Cain's Black-Banded Boots
  • Cain's Translucent Skin
  • Cain's Silver Headdress
  • Cain's Pink Bangs
  • Powder Blue Invincible Contacts
  • Cain's Silver Wings
  • Cain's Blue-Banded Corset
  • Cain's Blue Miniskirt
  • Untied Mustard Cinch
  • Cain's Blue-Banded Boots
  • Cain's Translucent Skin
Mage - Isis
Navy Isis Set.png Red Isis Set.png Pink Isis Set.png
Navy Isis Set Red Isis Set Pink Isis Set
  • Navy Isis Plumage
  • Ice Blue Isis Bangs
  • Gold Wing Charm Earrings
  • Navy Isis Wings
  • Navy Plumed Coat
  • Navy Isis Miniskirt
  • Navy Feathered Cape
  • Silver Isis Wingtips
  • Isis's Soft Skin
  • Red Isis Plumage
  • Ashen Isis Bangs
  • Red Wing Charm Earrings
  • Red Isis Wings
  • Red Plumed Coat
  • Red Isis Miniskirt
  • Black Feathered Cape
  • Gold Isis Wingtips
  • Isis's Soft Skin
  • Pink Isis Plumage
  • Light Blond Isis Bangs
  • Silver Wing Charm Earrings
  • Pink Isis Wings
  • Pink Plumed Coat
  • Pink Isis Miniskirt
  • Pink Feathered Cape
  • Red Isis Wingtips
  • Isis's Soft Skin
Male Mage - Michael
White Michael Set.png Black Michael Set.png Blue Michael Set.png
White Michael Set Black Michael Set Blue Michael Set
  • Golden Angel's Halo
  • Messy Brown Angel Hair
  • Golden Angel's Dangling Earring
  • Golden Angel's Mini Wings
  • Michael's White Vestiments
  • Michael's White Slacks
  • Bronze Angel's Cross
  • Michael's White Footwrap
  • Michael's White Angel Skin
  • Silver Angel's Halo
  • Messy Red Angel Hair
  • Silver Angel's Dangling Earring
  • Silver Angel's Mini Wings
  • Michael's Black Vestiments
  • Michael's Black Slacks
  • Gold Angel's Cross
  • Michael's Red Footwrap
  • Michael's White Angel Skin
  • Purple Angel's Halo
  • Messy Blond Angel Hair
  • Purple Angel's Dangling Earring
  • Black Angel's Mini Wings
  • Michael's Blue Vestiments
  • Michael's Blue Slacks
  • Purple Angel's Cross
  • Michael's Gold Footwrap
  • Michael's White Angel Skin
Priest - Anton
Dark Steel Anton Set.png Black Anton Set.png Silver Anton Set.png
Dark Steel Anton Set Black Anton Set Silver Anton Set
  • Dark Steel Anton Helm
  • Anton's Electric Red Hair
  • Anton's Crimson Red Lenses
  • Dark Steel Anton Pauldrons
  • Dark Steel Anton Breastplate
  • Dark Steel Anton Sabatons
  • Dark Steel Anton Harness
  • Dark Steel Anton Boots
  • Anton's Thick Skin
  • Black Anton Helm
  • Anton's Electric White Hair
  • Anton's Piercing Green Lenses
  • Black Anton Pauldrons
  • Black Anton Breastplate
  • Black Anton Sabatons
  • Black Anton Harness
  • Black Anton Boots
  • Anton's Thick Skin
  • Silver Anton Helm
  • Anton's Electric Blue Hair
  • Anton's Sanguine Red Lenses
  • Silver Anton Pauldrons
  • Silver Anton Breastplate
  • Silver Anton Sabatons
  • Silver Anton Harness
  • Silver Anton Boots
  • Anton's Thick Skin
Thief - Delezie
Purple Delezie Set.png Gold Delezie Set.png White Delezie Set.png
Purple Delezie Set Gold Delezie Set White Delezie Set
  • Delezie's Purple Horns
  • Delezie's Living Purple Locks
  • Delezie's Cursed Red Charm
  • Delezie's Purple Mantle
  • Delezie's Purple Chestguard
  • Delezie's Purple Skirt and Stockings
  • Red Charm Waistband
  • Delezie's Purple Spiked Boots
  • Delezie's Tan Skin
  • Delezie's Gold Horns
  • Delezie's Living Magenta Locks
  • Delezie's Cursed Purple Charm
  • Delezie's Gold Mantle
  • Delezie's Gold Chestguard
  • Delezie's Red Skirt and Stockings
  • Purple Charm Waistband
  • Delezie's Gold Spiked Boots
  • Delezie's Light Tan Skin
  • Delezie's Silver Horns
  • Delezie's Living Turquoise Locks
  • Delezie's Cursed Turquoise Charm
  • Delezie's White Mantle
  • Delezie's White Chestguard
  • Delezie's Blue Skirt and Stockings
  • Turquoise Charm Waistband
  • Delezie's White Spiked Boots
  • Delezie's Fair Skin