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Arad Explorer Club

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Arad Explorer Club.png

The Arad Explorer Club system grants special bonuses to players who have multiple characters on their account. The bonuses include boosted stats, bonus dungeon clear experience, more item drops and entries in Special Dungeons, and mercenary runs.

  • The Explorer Club UI consists of the following tabs: Explorer Club Status, Explorer Club Attribute, Explorer Club Expertise, Mercenary and Point Shop.


The Status tab displays information that reflects the Player's activities.


The Attribute Tab displays the level of the Player's Explorer Club. Upon reaching a certain level, Players receive a special bonus.

  • Max Explorer Club is Level 30.
  • The Player's current Explorer Club Level is adjusted according to the new Level standards below.
  • Each game account is awarded Explorer Club Level 1 when its first character is created.
  • Note: Once a character reaches Lv. 90, their EXP contributed afterward will be reduced to 1/3 the effectiveness.

Level Bonuses

Level EXP Req. Bonus Stats EXP Bonus Drop Rate Dungeon Entry
2 500,000,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 10 Bonus Dungeon EXP +10% Tower of Despair Entry +1
Tower of Anguish Entry +1
3 530,000,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 30
4 561,800,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 50 Bonus Chronicle Drop Rate +10%
5 595,508,000 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 70
6 631,238,480 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 90 Bonus Ancient Dungeon Drops +1
7 669,112,788 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 110 Tower of Despair Entry +3
Tower of Anguish Entry +2
8 709,259,556 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 125 Bonus Chronicle Drop Rate +20%
9 751,815,129 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 140
10 796,924,037 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 155 Joah Ferrero's Voyage Entrance +1
11 844,739,479 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 170
12 895,423,848 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 185 Bonus Ancient Dungeon Drops +2 Tower of Despair Entry +5
Tower of Anguish Entry +3
13 949,149,279
14 1,006,098,235
15 1,006,464,130 Anton Raid Entrance +1
16 1,130,451,977 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 200 Bonus Chronicle Drop Rate +30% Joah Ferrero's Voyage Entrance +2
17 1,198,279,096
18 1,270,175,842 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 215
19 1,346,386,392
20 1,427,169,576 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 230 60.00% chance of finding 1 more Antonium
21 1,512,799,751
22 1,603,567,736 Bonus Hell Party Epic Fragment Drops +1
23 1,699,781,800
24 1,801,768,708 Bonus Ancient Dungeon Drops +3 Joah Ferrero's Voyage Entrance +3
25 1,909,874,831 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 245 30.00% chance of finding 1 more Light Source
26 2,024,467,320
27 2,145,935,360
28 2,274,691,481
29 2,411,172,970
30 2,555,843,349 STR/VIT/INT/SPR + 260 Anton Raid Entrance +2


The Expertise Tab displays information about the character's Honor/Expertise Level. This function can be accessed once the character has reached Level 90, and only serves as a cosmetic effect in front of the character's name. (Non-Advanced characters cannot have their Expertise Levels increased.)

The Expertise Tier goes as follows:

  • Challenger -> Expert -> Leader -> Guru -> Legend -> Hero

Expertise Levels

Honor Medal Expertise Tier Maximum Level Total EXP Req.
Expertise - Challenger.png Challenger 49 152,667,084
Expertise - Expert.png Expert 50 1,084,956,568
Expertise - Leader.png Leader 26 2,237,962,257
Expertise - Guru.png Guru 25 5,831,403,174
Expertise - Legend.png Legend 49 54,436,752,597
Expertise - Hero.png Hero 90 2,111,978,212,156


Arad Explorer Club (Mercenary).png

Mercenary runs allow for a character automatically "run" dungeons in a chosen region from a given list for a chosen set period. These time periods vary depending on location chosen.

  • Mercenary runs do not consume fatigue, but your character is able to enter dungeons like normal. Your character also does not gain any clearing exp/gold while doing the runs.
  • The areas to which you can dispatch your Mercenaries are gradually unlocked as your Explorer Club Level increases.
  • Mercenaries can be dispatched to only one area at a time.
  • Each dungeon requires a different Level, Mercenary Points, and dispatch period.
  • All characters that meet a dungeon's Level requirement can be dispatched to that dungeon.
  • Characters dispatched as a mercenary can be played in dungeons.
  • Your Mercenary Points are affected by your Mercenaries' equipment grades and Avatar Set effects.
  • Your reward increases if the total points of your Mercenaries dispatched to a dungeon exceeds its point requirement.
  • When your Mercenaries return, you can select one of them to receive the dispatch reward.

Point Shop

The Point Shop Tab grants the Player access to items such as Level Up tickets and Fatigue potions which can be purchased with points gained through collecting EXP. 1 Explorer Shop Point is gained for every 15 million EXP, holding up to a maximum of 250 points.

  • Note: Items sold at the Explorer Club Shop cannot be traded and have purchase limit.
  • Item Purchase limit is reset at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of each month. On the other hand, your points DO NOT reset.


Item Name Club Lv Req Purchase Limit Cost
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv.10~29) Level Up Ticket Lv. 04 15 1 pt
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv.30~45) Untradeable Level Up Ticket Lv. 08 10 3 pt
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv.60~69) Untradeable Level Up Ticket Lv. 12 5 6 pt
Level Up Ticket.png (Lv.70~85) Level Up Ticket Lv. 16 2 12 pt
Fatigue Recovery Potion.png Fatigue Recovery Potion (30) Lv. 05 10 3 pt
Fatigue Recovery Potion.png Fatigue Recovery Potion (60) Lv. 10 5 6 pt
Fatigue Recovery Potion.png Fatigue Recovery Potion (90) Lv. 15 2 9 pt