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Awakening.png Awakening

No Video
Passive Skill


Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 1
Prerequisite Skills: None


  • Having assimilated the power of Time Fragments, she is now capable of greater rupturing power.


  • SP per level: 0


  • Requires 9 Time Fragments for its learning.
    • 9 Time Fragments increase Fire/Ice/Protection/Wind gauges by 20.
    • 13 Time Fragments increase Fire/Ice/Protection/Wind gauges by 20. (Total gauge bonus: 40)

Creator Skills
Active:Boost.png Boost Draw.png Draw Fire.png Fire Firewall.png Firewall Flame Hurricane.png Flame Hurricane Ice.png Ice Ice Plate.png Ice Plate Ice Shield.png Ice Shield Ice Stone.png Ice Stone Interference.png Interference Meteor Drop.png Meteor Drop Protection.png Protection Wind.png Wind Wind Press.png Wind Press Wind Storm.png Wind Storm Wooden Trap.png Wooden Trap
Passive:Awakening.png Awakening Plate Armor Mastery.png Plate Armor Mastery
Awakening:Air Ball.png Air Ball Ice Age.png Ice Age Link.png Link Mutation.png Mutation Reenactment.png Reenactment Tuning.png Tuning
2nd Awakening:Creation.png Creation Creative Space.png Creative Space Distortion.png Distortion Time Forward.png Time Forward

General Skills
Active:Ancient Memory.png Ancient Memory Backstep.png Backstep Indomitable Spirit.png Indomitable Spirit Leap.png Leap Quick Rebound.png Quick Rebound
Passive:Basic Armor Mastery.png Basic Armor Mastery Basic Training.png Basic Training Conversion.png Conversion Latent Power.png Latent Power Magical Critical.png Magical Critical Magical Rear Attack.png Magical Rear Attack Physical Critical.png Physical Critical Physical Rear Attack.png Physical Rear Attack Throw Mastery.png Throw Mastery