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Bahol Callow

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Bahol Callow
Bahol Callow.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Merchant
Location Hendon Myre Downtown Passage

Bahol Callow is a Red Knight of the Pelos Empire. He stands in front of Hil Vale, a historical site where the Pelos Empire and the De Los Empire once battled three hundred years ago. He continues to bare a grudge towards the De Los Empire even though no members remain.




  • Restrain yourself Glam.
  • The festival will begin shortly.
  • We are the envoys of the empire.
  • I'm looking for guilds to participate in the festival.

Conversation start

  • My name is Bahol Callow.
  • Relax, there's nothing to worry about.
  • A pleasure to meet you. Enjoy the festival.
  • Would you participate as a member of the Pelos faction?

Conversation end

  • Feel free to return whenever you'd like.
  • We shall meet again.
  • You should also talk to Glam.