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Black Crusade

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Black Crusade
Black Crusade.png
Location Time Gate
Min. Level 73
Level 73-76
Monster Level 76
End Boss Nilvas Gracia


The Priests managed to defeat the God of Chaos, Ozma and his minions at the end of a fierce battle. It is recorded that this battle was called the Black Crusade. But the unrecorded loss of one Priest gives great yearning to a certain woman.


There are four Priest APCS spread across the dungeon located in A3, D2, and E1. The player must keep them from touching Corrupted Souls or else they will die. If the player brings all four to Astaroth's room, F2, Shapiro Gracia will show up and assist the player against Astaroth. He deals high damage to her.


Map 1

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:


Map 2 (Post-Revamp Patch)

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:



Portrait of Astaroth
Portrait of Nilvas Gracia
Portrait of Demon Nilvas Gracia
  • Sawtooth
  • Skewer
  • Scissorhands
  • Finthers
  • Chaos Fiend
  • Impostors
  • Speedy Impostor


  • Fearful Astaroth
  • Despairing Tiamat
  • Destructive Berias



Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Shadow Nilvas Bottom.png Shaded Nilvas Bottom Plate Armor Bottom 75 P. Def. +4730
STR +36
INT +36
VIT +40
MP MAX +330
Casting Speed +3 %
Evasion Rate +3 %
Fallen Demon Heart.png Corrupt Imposter Heart Magic Stone 75 STR +51
INT +51
VIT +51
SPR +51
Shadow Resist +24
Damage from enemy attacks creates a 20% chance of endowing your weapon with Shadow Attribute for 10 seconds at the cost of 1 Clear Cube Fragment. +10 Shadow damage every 20 Shadow Resistance.
For my Little Sister.png For my sister. Necklace 75 M. Def. +7568
INT +35
SPR +163
Casting creates a 5% chance of adding Light Attribute to your party's weapons for 20 seconds.
Nilvas Gracia carved this rosary for his beloved sister, Grandis Gracia.
Fallen Demon Horns.png Corrupt Imposter Horn Sub Equipment 75 STR +34
INT +34
VIT +34
SPR +34
Shadow Resist +13
Shadow Damage +13
Shadow Nilvas Top.png Shaded Nilvas Top Plate Armor Top 75 P. Def. +5676
STR +36
INT +36
VIT +40
MP MAX +330
Casting Speed +3 %
Evasion Rate +3 %
Corrupt Imposter Death Scythe.png Corrupt Imposter Death Scythe Scythe 75 P. Atk. +788
M. Atk. +829
I. Atk. +495
STR +57
INT +57
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate +1 %

Demonize transformation duration +100%

Demonize Attack Atk. -50%

The Demon status is canceled when the weapon is unequipped.

Normal finishing attacks during the Demon status creates a powerful earthquake pentacle at the cost of 1 Clear Cube Fragment.
Demon's Fist.png Demon Fist Gauntlets 75 P. Atk. +996
M. Atk. +747
I. Atk. +495
STR +86
Inflict Shadow Damage
Attack Speed +2 %
Hit Rate +1 %
Attacks creates a 30% chance of inflicting +20% Shadow damage.
Demon's Bagh Nakh.png Demon Waghnak Claw 75 P. Atk. +829
M. Atk. +829
I. Atk. +495
STR +57
INT +29
Inflict Shadow Damage
Attack Speed +2 %
Attacks create a 30% chance of inflicting +20% Shadow damage.
Nilvas Gracia's Cross.png Nilvas Gracia's Cross Cross 75 P. Atk. +829
M. Atk. +788
I. Atk. +495
P. Def. +869
M. Def. +869
INT +57
VIT +72
SPR +72
Casting Speed +2 %

Last Normal attacks cast Lv. 8 Pressure Wall at the cost of 2 Clear Cube Fragments. (Cooldown: 60 seconds)

Strike/Wisdom Blessing/Divine Invocation duration +20%.