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Blazing Palms Upgrade

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Blazing Palms Upgrade.png Blazing Palms Upgrade

No Video
TP Passive Skill


Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 65
Prerequisite Skills: Blazing Palms.png Blazing Palms level 10+


Increases Blazing Palms's dashing distance and explosion range. The skill's Atk. increases at the cost of the attack count.


  • TP per level: 4
  • Max level: 1


  • Dashing Distance and Explosion Range Increase per Level: +10%
  • Attack Count Reduction per Level: -2
  • The following are not specified on the skill description, but are applied upon obtaining the skill:
    • Blazing Palms's Physical Atk. Damage Increase: +120%
    • Blazing Palms's Physical Atk. vs Grab Immune Enemies Damage Increase: +10%

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