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Category:Meltdown Dungeons

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Location Sewer
Min. Level 17
Level 17-26
Monster Level 17-29
End Boss Icon-Queen Clara.png Queen Clara
Meltdown Map
Meltdown Loading Screen

Meltdown is the dungeon area that succeeds Abnova Forest and precedes the Castaway Cave. It can be accessed via Sewer. This area is made for adventurers up to level 26.


Dungeon Name Level
Mushroom Garden.png Mushroom Garden 17-20
City of Spores Salif.png Salif, City of Spores 19-22
Rotting Lot.png Rotting Lot 21-24
Old Streets.png Old Streets 23-26
Chessboard of Despair.png Chessboard of Despair 25-28

Special Dungeon

Dungeon Name Level
Village of the Confined.png Village of the Confined 26-29

Quest only

Dungeon Name Level
Reshpon, Village of Pain.png Reshpon, Village of Pain

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