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Chain Powder

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Chain Powder.png Chain Powder

Active Skill

Female Ranger

Command: Rightkey.pngLeftkey.pngRightkey.pngSpacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 40
Prerequisite Skills: Gun Dance.png Gun Dance Lv1


Casts a buff that modifies certain skills and creates unique effects.

  • Gun Dance.png Gun Dance:
    • Dismantles the gunblade into a revolver and a blade, making them target a larger area to attack and pull.
    • The blade's Atk. is affected by Gunblade.png Gunblade's Physical Atk.
  • Death Hawk.png Death Hawk:
    • Adds a blade to the Death Hawk.png Death Hawk, making it perform more slashes and pull enemies to the center of the barrage.
    • The blade's Atk. is affected by Death Hawk.png Death Hawk's.
  • Moving Shot.png Moving Shot:
    • Bullets rupture when fired, inflicting greater damage on a larger area, but their range shortens.


  • SP per level: 40
  • Master Level: 10
  • Max Level: 20
  • Cast Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: 20 sec
  • This skill consumes 1 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment.
  • MP -2.0% Cooldown -1.0% on Command
  • Basic Attack Cancelable Skill
  • Buff Duration: 12 sec (5 sec in Arena )
  • Death Hawk.png Death Hawk:
    • 1st Attack Multi-hit Interval: 0.2 sec
    • 2nd Attack Multi-hit Interval: 0.17 sec
    • 3rd Attack Multi-hit Interval: 0.15 sec


  • Cannot be used in Arena.
  • When under the effect of this skill, Moving Shot.png Moving Shot fires out short range AoE bursts, similar to pressing X.png repeatedly during Twin Gunblade.png Twin Gunblade.

Skill Growth


Level Lv Req MP Additional Attack Atk. Moving Shot.png Moving Shot Atk.
Gun Dance.png Gun Dance Death Hawk.png Death Hawk
1 40 300 18% 20% 11%
2 42 318 20% 21% 12%
3 44 337 22% 24% 14%
4 46 356 26% 27% 15%
5 48 375 28% 29% 17%
6 50 394 32% 33% 19%
7 52 413 34% 36% 21%
8 54 432 38% 41% 23%
9 56 451 44% 45% 26%
10 (M) 58 470 48% 50% 29%

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