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Cutting Off the Energy

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Cutting Off the Energy
Cutting Off the Energy.png
Location Anton
Min. Level 85
Level 85-100
Monster Level 100
End Boss No Icon.png Absorbent Egene




1 Map SE.png Map SW.png Map SE.png Map SW.png
2 Map NS.png Map NS.png Map NS.png Map NS.png
3 Map Boss.png Map NE.png Map NW.png Map N.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:




Coming eventually

Room 7

Power Arm Kuro.gif

Black Fire Rok.gif

Room 8


Room 9


Magic Eye Cell.gif

Room 10


Lava Turtle.gif

Room 11


Boss Room



Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Mac Down Heavy Buckle.png Mac Down Heavy Buckle Leather Belt 85 P. Def. +2587
STR +173
INT +20
VIT +72
Attack Speed -5 %
Movement Speed -5 %
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
Macabre Eye.png Macabre Eye Leather Belt 85 P. Def. +862
STR +24
INT +24
SPR +28
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg

Casts Super Armor for the first 5 hits from enemy attacks after you enter a dungeon. (This option is canceled when the item is unequipped. Cooldown: 30 sec.)

This item's Super Armor effect increases HP +10%, STR/INT/VIT/SPR +100, Attack/Movement Speeds +10%, and Casting Speed +15%.
Monster Insect's Chitin Slough.png Monster Insect's Chitin Slough Heavy Armor Belt 85 P. Def. +1725
STR +28
INT +20
VIT +24
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg
Attacks have a 5% chance of firing monster insects at 3 random enemies in a 450 px range. (Cooldown: 5 sec.)
Black Flower Lower Armor.png Black Flower Lower Armor Light Armor Bottom 85 P. Def. +3234
STR +50
INT +33
Attack/Movement Speeds +7%, Casting Speed +10%, and Shadow Damage +20

If at 70% or lower HP, Attack/Movement Speeds +4%, Casting Speed +5%, and Shadow Damage +10
Pressuring Eye.png Pressuring Eye Bracelet 85 M. Def. +5227
STR +40
VIT +99
HP MAX +385
Attack Speed +7 %
Casting Speed +10 %

Attacks decrease their targets' all Abnormal Status Tolerances -15 for 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 sec. Max Stack: 3)

Casts an aura that decreases Movement Speed -15% for all enemies in a 180 px range.
Blood Bubble.png Blood Bubble Cloth Head/Shoulder 85 P. Def. +862
INT +40
SPR +40
HP MAX +825

Damage from enemy attacks puts you in Critically Damaged Status and decreases your HP by 20%. (Cooldown: 30 sec.)

While under this effect, you will gain +12% Damage when you gain Super Armor buff or land a Critical attack. (This option is canceled when the item is unequipped.)

*Mutliple Critical Bonus does not stack. Only the highest value of bonus applies. (Applicable with only Critical Damage)

HP -1% with each kill
Absolute Field.png Absolute Field Heavy Armor Shoes 85 P. Def. +2587
STR +28
INT +20
VIT +24
Movement Speed +4 %

Decreases elemental resistances -2 for all enemies in a 50 px range.

The decreasing range and value increase in proportion to the item's Reinforcement/Amplify levels. (Up to +10 levels)
Solid Walker.png Solid Walker Leather Shoes 85 P. Def. +2394
STR +24
INT +24
VIT +55
SPR +83
Movement Speed +4 %
Mach Kick.png Mach Kick and Needle Sobat.png Needle Sobat counterattack and decrease their targets' Defense -5% for 7 seconds. (Disabled in Raid dungeon. Cooldown: 30 sec.)
Black Flower Breastplate.png Black Flower Breastplate Light Armor Top 85 P. Def. +3881
STR +75
INT +50
VIT +11
SPR +11
Physical Critical Chance +7 %
Magic Critical Chance +7 %
Light Armor Mastery.png Light Armor Mastery effect x2 for the top.
Area of Extinction.png Area of Extinction Auto Gun 85 P. Atk. +657
M. Atk. +964
I. Atk. +607
INT +68
Hit Rate -1 %

The presence of an enemy in a 650 px range increases INT +65.

The presence of an enemy in a 550 px range increases Magical Critical Chance +5%.

The presence of an enemy in a 400 px range increases Fire/Light Damage +15.

The presence of an enemy in a 250 px range increases Magical Atk. +10%
Bizarre Monster Insect Tail.png Bizarre Monster Insect Tail Broomstick 85 P. Atk. +1002
M. Atk. +1102
I. Atk. +607
INT +68
Movement Speed +3 %
Fire Damage +18
Befriend Jack-O'-Lantern Skill Lvl + 2
Fire Skill Lvl + 2
Use [Equipment Option Control Key] to create Lava Monster Worm's worm hole at the cost of 2 Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragments. (Cooldown: 30 sec.)
Bloodied Scar.png Bloodied Scar Wand 85 P. Atk. +809
M. Atk. +1152
I. Atk. +607
INT +68
Magic Critical Chance +5 %

Vallacre the Slaughterer.png Vallacre the Slaughterer increases Critical damage +22% for its duration. (This option is canceled when the item is unequipped. Critical bonus options do not stack with one another; only the highest value is applied at a time.)

Vallacre the Slaughterer.png Vallacre the Slaughterer MP cost +10%

Attacking Bleeding enemies increases INT +10 for 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 2 sec. Max Stacks: 5)
Deathly Sabbath.png Deathly Sabbath Battle Axe 85 P. Atk. +1202
M. Atk. +851
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
Hit Rate +2 %

Atomic Smash.png Atomic Smash Atk. +30%

Atomic Smash.png Atomic Smash increases Melee damage +25% and Physical Critical +20% for 20 seconds. (Cooldown: 30 sec.)

*Multiple +% damage bonus does not stack. Only the highest value of bonus applies. (Not applicable to Critical Damage)
Encroaching Dark Flame.png Encroaching Dark Flame Bowgun 85 P. Atk. +789
M. Atk. +876
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
INT +34
Attack Speed +15 %
Physical Critical Chance +3 %
Hit Rate +1 %

Dual Flicker.png Dual Flicker additional shot-firing chance +15%

Arsenal Reinforcement.png Arsenal Reinforcement further increases Blazing Bullet.png Blazing Bullet Atk. +15%

Blazing Bullet.png Blazing Bullet 2nd explosion Atk. rate +15% and explosion size +30%
Grinding Overfield.png Grinding Overfield Hand Cannon 85 P. Atk. +1095
M. Atk. +657
I. Atk. +607
STR +101
Hit Rate +2 %

Casts a 30-second buff on you according to your damage on enemies (This option is canceled when the item is unequipped. Cooldown: 0.5 sec.)

100,000 damage: STR +50, Physical Atk. +5%, and Independent Atk. +4% (Max Stack: 2)

1 million damage: STR +110, Physical Atk. +14%, and Independent Atk. +12% (Max Stack: 1)
Immolation (Halberd).png Immolation Halberd 85 P. Atk. +1202
M. Atk. +851
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
Hit Rate +1 %
Demonic Lancer(M):
Demonic Control Skill Lvl + 1

1% chance to decrease HP by 10% for 30 seconds (Cooldown: 30 sec.)

At 90% HP or lower: Attack Speed +20%, Movement Speed +20%

Doom Glaive.png Doom Glaive Atk. +40%, Range +40%

Devastate.png Devastate Atk. +30%
For strength, I will sacrifice even my life.
Lava Worm's Frightening Fang.png Lava Worm's Frightening Fang Chakra Weapon 85 P. Atk. +767
M. Atk. +1102
I. Atk. +607
INT +101
Inflict Fire Damage
Casting Speed +5 %
Fire Damage +14
Hit Rate -1 %

Chakra Weapon Mastery.png Kunai Mastery cooldown reduction +30%

Dark Shadow.png Dark Shadow Explosive Amulet Atk. +15%
Ruthless Destroyer's Fist.png Ruthless Destroyer's Fist Gauntlets 85 P. Atk. +1202
M. Atk. +901
I. Atk. +607
STR +101
Hit Rate +1 %

Casts Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) every 25 seconds for 15 seconds upon equipping it.
(Immediately takes effect after equipping. Options removed upon unequipping it.)
This item's Super Armor (Status).png Super Armor (Status) increases Physical/Magical/Independent Atk.s +10% and Movement Speed +10%.

One Inch Punch.png One Inch Punch shock wave size +20%
Close Kick.png Close Kick shock wave size +20%
Mount (Female).png Mount shock wave size +25%
Intense Takedown (Female).png Intense Takedown surrounding enemy attack range +50%

Intense Takedown (Female).png Intense Takedown grabbing indirection Atk. increase +35%
Tentacle-wrapped Magic Eye.png Tentacle-wrapped Magic Eye Cross 85 P. Atk. +1002
M. Atk. +952
I. Atk. +607
P. Def. +990
M. Def. +990
INT +68
VIT +215
SPR +215
EXO +736
Casting Speed +2 %

Creates an aura within 640 px that increases the Max HP for your Party by 500.

Healing Wind.png Healing Wind Petrifies all party members in a 640 px range and makes them Invincible for 4 seconds.

Healing Wind.png Healing Wind healing amount +50% and Casting Time -100%

Healing Wind.png Healing Wind healing time +100%, use count -3, and cooldown +20%

Holy Ghost Mace.png Holy Ghost Mace additional Skill Atk. increase rate +4%

Regenerative Aria.png Regenerative Aria healing amounts +25%, healing time +50%, and cooldown +25%

Grants immunity against Petrification.
Void-staring Eye.png Void-staring Eye Scythe 85 P. Atk. +952
M. Atk. +1002
I. Atk. +607
STR +68
INT +68
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Magic Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate -1 %

Demon gauge gain +4

Devil Strike.png Devil Strike Demon gauge consumption +50%

Devil Strike.png Devil Strike cooldown -30%

Devil Strike.png Devil Strike Atk. +20%

Echoes of Nothing.png Echoes of Nothing Movement Speed increase +10%