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Dana Donatel

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DanaIcon.png Dana Donatel
Age 28
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Adventurer's Guild Sub-Guild Master
Location Zelva: Adventurer's Guild

Dana Donatel is the Sub-Guild Master of the Adventurer's Guild. She is located in the Adventurer's Guild in Zelva.


The daughter of a wealthy and famous Merchant, Dana’s life would be forever changed when a monster brutally killed her parents during a family trip. She barely survived the incident thanks to an adventurer passing by.

The adventurer who saved her was the leader of the “Karakas” guild. Feeling sympathy for Dana’s loss, he took her under his wings and trained her as an Adventurer. She was a natural and quickly became an important member of the Guild.

Although Dana would rather stick to reading books all day, she would not hesitate to rush into a fight when her friends are in trouble.

When the road to Empyrean opened, she took the chance to study machinery and learn new skills. However, she doesn’t have a good standing relationship with the Imperial Army who sometimes gets in the way of her adventures.

She also became a good friend of Nevillo, the leader of the Jurgen family.



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  • In the Year 993, Queen Maya opened Underfoot to the outside world. A great many adventurers and merchants flocked to her city, and my parents and I were among them. We were passing through the Castaway Cave
when Devolved Dark Elves waylaid us. Father and Mother fought tooth and nail to protect me from them, but they were only merchants. I lost my parents to those evil monsters.
  • Don't show mercy to monsters, even if they were men once.


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