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Delezie, Plagued Apostle

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Icon-Delezie, Plagued Apostle.png
Delezie, Plagued Apostle

Looks like a large purple dog, with an alligator's face but thinner, with 2 tusks jutting out of its mouth. It also has purple flames emanating from its body.

Move List

  • Element Absorption- This move allows Delezie to temporarily "absorb" the first attack's element used against it (e.g Ghost Slash has Shadow damage, Lantern Firebomb has Fire damage). Misses count. A cast bar will slowly fill during this move; it serves as the time limit/duration of the element absorption. While the cast bar is above Delezie's head, DO NOT USE THAT ELEMENT TO ATTACK IT. If you use the specified element, it will reflect the damage and heal. This can kill you quite quickly/immediately. However, if it is hit with a non-element attack, it increases all it's stats, including defense, and gains a large speed buff. During this time, all attacks will be mitigated. Delezie will emit a flash of purple energy to signify Neutral element absorption (e.g from Asura's Neutral Wave Sword or basic attack with no elemental damage).
  • Plague Twister- During this move, Delezie will turn into a tornado with super armour and chase the players around the room. If it is hit enough times during this skill, it will cast Berserk Dragon Cry blows you away (similar to Master Hunter's knock-back getup), gain "true" super armour, where he cannot be stopped by push-back skills such as Wave Eye. However, if there is no element already absorbed, you may hit it with anything you have. Be aware of the time it spends in it's twister form. Deals moderate damage with huge knock-back effect, only lethal when cornered.
  • Fragmentation- This move is only used during Plaque Twister. Delezie, while in it's twister form, will occasionally spit out Fragment of Delezies. These fragments look like purple octopuses, and should be dealt with quickly because although they do not attack, they inflict poison status, which stacks with the number of fragments on the map. They also grant Delezie speed buffs and speed up the rate of zomblification counters, and it also stacks with the number of fragments on the map.
  • Drill Attack- This move turns Delezie into a drill-like shape, and launches itself forward. it can control the distance launched, and deals moderate damage. Usually used to catch up with players that run. It has HUGE knockback, so be careful not to get hit by this attack if you are on the wrong side of the map at the wrong time.
  • Zomblification- When you enter the room,it will say at the bottom of the map The wind of blowing East... or The wind is blowing West.... If it says East of Delezie, you go West, and vice versa. If you spend too much time in the specified direction, skull counters (purple skulls above your head) will form until you get to the opposite side of the room. When 6 counters appear, you will be turned into a zombie. Though while in this form Delezie and it's status conditions won't affect you, your own attacks and your allies' may damage you. Be careful not to kill each other :P. While you are a zombie, you may move around or try to grope around you. Ignore this. Occasionally, a cast bar will appear and you will need to button mash. If you do not button mash fast enough, you will take damage. It takes around 3 cast bars of button mashing to free yourself.
  • Plague- This skill is a debuff that applies as soon as you enter the room. Once you enter the room, you will find your stats drastically reduced (usually your hp goes from 20,000 to 9,000, for example).
  • Basic combo- Basic combo, almost the same as Phantasmal Delezie's, but slower. Deals a lot of damage if the combo is completed, though mostly it only gets in the first hit.


  • In party play, always decide what element to not use before you enter, otherwise Delezie can dispatch the entire party immediately.
  • Try not to run into corners while Delezie is in it's Tornado form, or you may be repeatedly attacked until you die. Use ranged attacks against it while it is in this form, and if it's cast bar is gone, any element will work due to it's inability to use Element Absorption in this form.
  • Watch for zomblified party members for it is really simple to kill them, because the damage will hit them at full force.
  • Do not try to grab Delezie with an AoE throw move before you zomblify (e.g Wave Wheel Slasher) or you may kill yourself due to Zomblification ignoring invincibility status.
  • Delezie has extremely fast hp regeneration, kill it cautiously but quickly (~like 1 bar of health in 8 seconds on King's Road?)
  • If Delezie is hit with Neutral Element and uses Element Absorption, take this opportunity to destroy the Delezie's Fragments, to reduce/negate poison and Delezie's buff temporarily.
  • Always keep note of your surroundings, especially due to Zomblification. Keep note of your allies' health and where they are, so you can take precautions.
  • Debuffs such as Exorcist's Suppression Amulet will be extremely helpful here, as Delezie will mostly be stuck and open to player attack. This can also provide the players a clear view of the element absorbed and time left, since all players can gather on 1 side or box in on Delezie.
  • You should not use AoE tick damage skills such as the Soul Bender's Ice Saya or the Spiral Nen of a Nen Master due to the high chances you would get zomblified at least once during the fight with Delezie. In the Soul Bender's case, it may be all right. Only classes with close-range tick damage skills such as Nen Master or Asura should worry about this.
  • Do remember not to make Delezie get stuck right up against a wall with a hold skill, if the Wind direction changes to the side of Delezie where you cannot reach, the entire party can be zomblified.




  • it tends to use Plague Twister as soon as the player(s) enter the room. Take this opportunity to hit itand lower it's health a few bars.
  • it is quite slow without it's buffs. Be careful of it's Drill Attack however, as it is actually quite fast (not as fast as it's duplicate in Noire Ferra's, but still quite fast). Best to stay out of it's X-axis.
  • Follows Luke the Constructor's (9th Apostle) predictions, when Delezie is defeated, it is sucked into an Interdimensional Rift.
  • Drops Delezie's Revenants, required for Reshpon and Ghost Train uniques.
  • Murderous Wave does not activate Delezie's Element Absorption.
  • When all of Delezie's Fragments are destroyed, or most are destroyed, Delezie is very likely to enter it's Plague Twister state. An Exorcist (preferably due to long grab time) can use Star in the Sky on Delezie. it will activate it's Element Absorption, but will also enter it's Twister form while being grabbed(you can tell by the shadow caused by Delezie in the sky changing, and the purple flash). After the Exorcist hits Delezie with the 2nd hit of Star in the Sky, Delezie will be stuck in it's Twister form, unmoving and unable to revert back to it's normal state. Note that any grab works if timed right. If you get too close to Twister, it will damage you as it would normally, but only once. After this you can attack Delezie regardless of range. Delezie is completely vulnerable to any attack after this is done (a bug, maybe?), since Element Absorption cannot be used. Please note that it's Zomblification still works, so keep an eye out on the direction of the Wind. Also, do not use Super Grabs on Delezie (such as Ground Quaker)- it will enable Delezie to move again and revert to it's original form.


  • Throughout the western port, Apostle Delezie has been referred with female and male pronouns. Within the Japanese and Korean game, Delezie is genderless.