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EX: Kartel Headquarters

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

EX: Kartel Headquarters
Location Time Gate - Requiem
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 85-88
End Boss Icon-Captain Rangelu.png Captain Rangelu


Finally, the location of the Kartel Headquarters is revealed! The Imperial Army is dying to obliterate the Kartel's command center, but hesitant to make a move, lest Rangelu panic and hurt Princess Erje whom he is holding captive. A group of adventurers volunteered to help rescue the Princess, and soon they will make the greatest contribution to the Army's victory in the Empyrean War.




No quests found that satisfy the search criteria.


Most of these rooms are identical to the normal version of the dungeon but the only difference is that the monsters have more hp. Refer to the strategy section of Kartel Headquarters for the general strategy of these rooms.

Room 1a (Jet Pack Room)

This room is slightly longer than the normal version. Snipers will now attempt to lock onto you and shoot you down. You must move constantly to avoid the Sniper fire.

Room 1b (Bottom of the canyon)

Kartel Ranger.png

  • EX: Kartel Special Forces x8 (More will spawn from the two bunkers)

Room 2

Rifle Max.gif

  • EX: Rifle Max

His volley cannot be interrupted in this version. He will still do it even if he is held.

Room 3

Scout Captain Vilai.png

  • EX: Scout Captain Vilai

He charges his attacks significantly faster and flies in a more unpredictable pattern.

Room 4

Head Security Kurgiv.gif


  • EX: Head Security Kargiv
  • EX: Du-14 x 4

Room 5

Watchman Goro.png

  • EX: Watchman Goro

He makes holes more often. Falling through them deals lethal damage.

Boss Room

Captain Rangelu.gif

  • EX: Captain Rangelu

Legendary Items

No equipment found that satisfy the search criteria.