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Elemental Cannon

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Elemental Cannon.png Elemental Cannon

Active Skill

Elemental Bomber

Command: Downkey.pngDownkey.pngZ.png
Prerequisite Level: 15
Prerequisite Skills: None


Creates a powerful Elemental orb that attacks enemies. This skill is affected by Elemental Shift to change the attribute and bonus buffs. Directional keys can be used to control the direction of fire.


  • SP per level: 20
  • Cast Time: Instant Cast
  • Cooldown: 5 sec
  • MP -2.0% Cooldown -1.0% on Command


  • This skill can be used in the middle of a basic attack and Rapid Fire.
  • Upon casting, the skill pushes the player back ~50Px
  • The Magic Orb travels indefinitely until it hits a target.
  • Inflicts neutral-attribute magic damage.
  • This skill can be used in the air and during Backstep.png Backstep.
    • When used in the air it can be fired diagonally (no input), straight forward Leftkey.png or Rightkey.png, and straight down Downkey.png by pressing the directional button desired before the skill is used. Shooting downward will propel the Elemental Bomber upward higher in the air.

Skill Growth


Lv Lv Req SP MP Elemental Shift Atk. Conversion Rate
1 15 20 31 500%

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