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FM-92 Stinger Upgrade

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FM-92 Stinger Upgrade.png FM-92 Stinger Upgrade

No Video
TP Passive Skill

Male Launcher

Command: None
Prerequisite Level: 65
Prerequisite Skills: FM-92 Stinger.png FM-92 Stinger Lv10


Increases FM-92 Stinger.png FM-92 Stinger Atk.

  • Atk. per Level: +10%


  • TP per level: 2
  • Master Level: 5
  • Max Level: 7

Skill Growth

  • Level: n
  • Lv Req: 65+5(n-1)
  • Atk.: +10n%

Male Launcher TP Skills
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General TP Skills
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