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GSDIcon.png G.S.D
Age 52
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Slayer Trainer
Location Underfoot Master Guild

G.S.D is a Slayer trainer in Underfoot Master Guild. Though he lost his eyesight in the past due to an unknown circumstance (it is assumed that he is an Asura), he is still referred to as the greatest swordsman in the continent. Much of his identity is shrouded in mystery, including his background, his age, and the meaning behind his name.



Request Chat

  • My Ghost Hand has been throbbing, warning me that blood will soon be shed. You'd better stay alert.
  • The Arena is what forced me to leave Hendon Myre for this city of the Dark Elves. I've been aware of all the ominous phenomena that have been taking place in Arad.
But none of them, even the nightmares my Ghost Hand bring to me every night, are not as bad as what happened to those people. Death is bliss--most of them weren't even given that. I can still hear their silent screams. *Sigh* My heart goes out to them.
  • <player>. What brings you today?
Hah hah, don't be surprised; I may be blind, but your spry footsteps and impetuous air are enough to give you away.
  • You're on your own to figure out what to do with your Ghost Hand.
There are many ways: learn to ignore the Ghost, dominate it, succumb to its power, or reach a new zenith using only the other parts of your body. Whichever you choose, living with the Ghost Hand is not easy.
It's not a matter of life and death. Every night the Ghost will weep and whisper curses to your ears, slowly driving you mad. Even in death, you won't be free from your Ghost. Being a Slayer is a cruel destiny.


  • See with your ears and slash with your heart.
  • *Ghostly wind*

Conversation start

  • How do you do?
  • Welcome.
  • The sword should never hesitate.

Conversation end

  • Be safe.
  • May the wisdom of the sword be with you.
  • A sword may conquer the flesh, but only your heart may conquer the mind.


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