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Gold King's Secret Cave

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Gold King's Secret Cave
Gold King's Secret Cave.png
Location Castaway Cave
Min. Level 36
Level 36-39
Monster Level 39
End Boss Icon-Gold King Widir.png Gold King Widir


Widir relinquished his Gold Tunnel, but he couldn't give up his dream of his own gold statue. He raked in all the gold he could find in his kingdom and erected a gold statue in his secret cave. When the Dark Elves heard the news, they were hell-bent on destroying the covetous king and his precious gold statue.


At the beginning of the Dungeon you will have to destroy the Widir Gold Statue. After it gets destroyed, Greedy Jor will "ally" with you to the boss room. You will have a gold meter on the bottom of your screen. Getting hit will deplete this gold meter. It takes about 10 hits to completely deplete it. If it gets completely depleted, Greedy Jor will immediately attack you. If you make it to the boss room, Greedy Jor will still betray you but upon his death he will drop Gold Bar.png Gold Bars worth 1,000 Goldicon.png Gold each. The amount of bars he drops depends on how much of the gold meter you have left.


Map SecretCave.jpeg

Starting zones:
Boss zones:

8 (Spent at entry)




Gold King's Secret Cave

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