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Holiday Horror Avatars

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Holiday Horror Avatar Package

December 12th, 2011 ~ December 28th, 2011

  • 7 piece set
  • 7 pieces is needed for the set bonus.
  • Includes emblem sockets.
  • Bottom Avatar includes options for +1 basic skills.
  • Waist Avatar includes +2% Hit Rate
Slayer - Death Dragon Spirazzi
Black Death Dragon Set.png Amaranth Death Dragon Set.png
Black Death Dragon Set Amaranth Death Dragon Set
Fighter - Michelle the Telekinetic
White Telekinetic Set.png Crimson Telekinetic Set.png
White Telekinetic Set Crimson Telekinetic Set
Gunner - The Mad Piper
Ultramarine Mad Piper Set.png Red Mad Piper Set.png
Ultramarine Mad Piper Set Red Mad Piper Set
Mage - Quong'qng
Blue Quong'qng Set.png Pink Quong'qng Set.png
Blue Quong'qng Set Pink Quong'qng Set
Priest - Admiral Von Beornan
Bone Admiral's Set.png Glided Admiral's Set.png
Bone Admiral's Set Glided Admiral's Set
Female Gunner - Agram the Witch
Purple Agram Set.png Maroon Agram Set.png
Purple Agram Set Maroon Agram Set
Thief - Geminix the Seductress
Red Geminix Set.png Plum Geminix Set.png
Red Geminix Set Plum Geminix Set
Male Fighter - Basilisk
Blue Petrilisk Set.png Black Petrilisk Set.png
Blue Petrilisk Set Black Petrilisk Set