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Hyper Mecha Tau

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Hyper Mecha Tau
Hyper Mecha Tau.png
Armor type

The boss of Vilmark - Area 50 is a giant mechanical Tau that employs a variety of dangerous and difficult to avoid attacks.


  • Casts Super Armor whenever he is attacking.
  • Triple Lighting Streak - Like the Heaven Expeller's lightning attack, except it comes out much quicker and always fans out in three directions. Mecha Tau will usually use this upon recovering from a knockdown. It's a very fast attack and covers a lot of ground quickly. *These bolts are extremely powerful and may cause Electrocution on hit.
  • Flame Breath - Similar to Freet's fire breath; shoots out a horizonal burst of flame. It's difficult to tell where exactly you can get hit, so try to avoid being in its path. Always causes Burning and Stun on hit.
  • Ground Laser - Similar to the Evil Eyes' attack from Floating Castle; The difference here is that there won't be a lot following you around, and it only happens periodically.
  • Grab Guard - If Grab Guard Mode is on (he'll say so), he can perform an attack that lifts you into the air, and may keep you there awhile. If you fall back down, be careful not to hit anyone! If Grab Guard Mode is off, then Hyper Mecha Tau is vulnerable to grab attacks.
  • Axe Swings - His normal attacks have ridiculously long reach. Can cause stun or bleeding on hit. He also has a variation of this attack where purple auras appear around the axe's impact point, further increasing its range.
  • Can summon Alarm Bots - His most dangerous attack by far. He will summon Alarm bots each time you take down his health by 1/5. You MUST destroy the bots as fast as possible. Not only do they grant Hyper Mecha Tau invincibility, they will eventually summon various enemies in the dungeon if you do not destroy them before they activate (~30 seconds?). The number of Alarm bots summoned increases the further you bring his health down.
  • Each Alarm Bot summons one of each type of enemy found in Vilmark (1 Tau Captain, Bloodgaru, Whimiscal Sielle, Krazy Ivan)
  • And, as of Act V: The Reckoning patch, extremely fast HP regeneration (especially on King's Road) that makes Vangelis look weak.


  • Bring plenty of Burn recovery potions with you. Being set on fire by his flame breath will most likely result in death as it drains health VERY quickly.
  • Most of his attacks will cause stun on you. If you are not able to button-mash quick enough, you may be stunned over and over until you are dead, ESPECIALLY if you get hit by the flame breath repeatedly.
  • Also, most of his attacks have very long X-axis range. Dodge his attacks by moving on the Y-axis.
  • Only grab him when his Grab Guard mode is off - or he will immediately counter you with a powerful attack that launches you VERY high into the air.
  • Always throws a boss blow-back aura on get up, and almost always uses Triple Lightning Streak on get up. If you knock him down, get out of the way immediately.
  • Hyper Mecha Tau may use Triple Lightning Streak many times in quick succession and may alternate attacking direction to catch as many players as possible. Be ready to dodge.
  • Try to stay far away from him once Alarm bots are summoned. It's bad if he manages to launch you while the Alarm bots are still running amok as this gives them more than enough time to summon monsters.
  • If someone in the party is launched, the player will cause massive damage to anything he hits on the way back down. Other players need to be alert and stay out of the area where their ally was launched.
  • If the Alarm bots manage to summon a mob of monsters, you should concentrate on killing them all first before damaging Mecha Tau further. Run around the room and attempt to separate the enemies from the boss while dodging their attacks, and time your attacks carefully to avoid taking too much damage. You should try your best NOT to hit Mecha Tau at this point as doing so may cause him to summon EVEN MORE Alarm bots, which will be difficult to catch as the mob of enemies already present will hinder your movements and block your view. These Alarm bots in turn will then summon EVEN MORE monsters, overwhelming you with ridiculously powerful enemies, making the fight even more impossible to win.