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Imperial Princess Isabella

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IsabellaIcon.png Imperial Princess Isabella
Age 20
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation 3rd Princess of De Los Empire
Location Zelva

Isabella Catherine Heinrich De Los is the 3rd princess of the De Los Empire, born from Emperor Leon and Princess Josephin. Unlike her siblings, she refuses to marry and wishes live a care free life. The Emperor made no objections.

On her usual day, Isabella freely roams around the palace and randomly visits the private houses of her subjects. During these times, she is always escorted by her childhood friend, Cyrus. She also lives an extravagant lifestyle and her actions makes her look immature but in reality she is an intelligent young lady with a sharp intuition just like her father, the Emperor.

She showed her savviness when she unofficially joined a diplomatic envoy to Empyrean. The envoy had a military escort for security and this did not go well with the Empyreans Imperial Army. Using her natural diplomatic abilities, she was able to get the Empyreans to agree in allowing their military escort to pass through the border and continue along with them.

Once at the Empyrean capital of Ghent, she met with Princess Erje and the two became close friends almost instantly.

Isabella would also help Nevillo in the formation of the Ziben and Deiros investigation units to explore Pandemonium.



Request Chat

  • There are a few simple things you can try to make yourself feel better. You can take a peek in my wallet, for instance, but that's considered rude between friends.
Or maybe you can just talk to me for an hour or two. Would you like some tea?
  • Sir Velland's banquet was the worst. The tents here in Zelva must be more colorful than the curtains in his banquet hall.


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