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Loton Maximug

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LotonIcon.png Loton Maximug
Age Early 50s (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Alchemist
Location West Coast

Loton Maximug was an alchemist in Hendon Myre. Born from Hendon Myre, he was the Chairman of the Royal Alchemy Association, holding the highest authority in the scientific school of alchemy. As a diehard believer in the superiority of science over magic, he greatly distrusted the latter, labeling it as irrational and unreliable. He lived in the relatively liberal city of Hendon Myre and continued with his research efforts. Since the Great Metastasis, he is nowhere to be found and is assumed to be one of the victims in Old Streets.

A mirror version of him exists in Mirror Arad's West Coast. No longer the Chairman of the Royal Alchemy Association, he now spends his time in West Coast doing research and helping out adventurers using the Disassembler he invented.


Request Chat

  • Science never fails to amaze me.
Even though I'm the one who made that disassembler, I can't stop admiring it.
  • Haven't you seen this before? I've invented this a while ago to help adventurers with their adventures.


  • *Bubbling*

Conversation start

  • I'm Rothon, the greatest alchemist in Arad.
  • The power of science never ceases to astound me.
  • What do you wish to know?

Conversation end

  • I hope I was of some help to you.
  • You're more than welcome to stop by anytime.
  • Be careful out there.


  • Loton's name was originally spelt "Rothon Maximerg" by developers, but in the NA version, his name was changed to its present form. One of his lines, "I'm Rothon, the greatest alchemist in Arad." still uses his original name.