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Marlene Kitzka

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MarleneIcon.png Marlene Kitzka
Age 29
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Occupation Chief Court Lady for the Imperial Princess
Location Underfoot Harbor; Ghent Market Street

Marlene Kitzka is the owner of a Magatha, allowing players to travel to Ghent, in Empyrean, through her ship once they have completed the necessary Epic Quest at level 55. From then on, players are free to travel back and forth between Empyrean and Arad at any time.

Empyrean law mandates that each female child take a test before their fifth birthday. Those who demonstrate exceptional talent are then chosen and extensively trained to join the elite division of the Imperial Guards called the Imperial Princess Garden. Court Ladies of the Imperial Princess Garden are sworn to protect and serve the Imperial Princess Erje. Each Court Lady is given a special name, and as the most trusted Court Lady of the Imperial Princess Garden, Marlene was given the name White Rose. Sworn to place her life before the Princess, Marlene is burdened with grief and guilt that her beloved Princess and friend was kidnapped by Kartel agents. A world without a Princess, the City of God fell into crisis. Many courageous Dungeon Fighters have left their homes and boarded the Magatha from Arad to help battle insurgent Kartel agents, and to find Princess Erje, but the fight continues without end. Who will you side with: Empyrean soldiers or the Kartel? The time to choose and fight is upon us.


Item Level Binding Cost
Imperial Army Canteen.png Imperial Army Canteen 55 12 Firewood.png Firewood
Imperial Army Hardtack.png Imperial Army Hardtack 55 12 Firewood.png Firewood
No Icon.png Flash Bang 8 Monkey Wrench.png Monkey Wrench
No Icon.png Firebomb 10 Bulletproof Iron Fragments.png Bulletproof Iron Fragments
No Icon.png Lapis Lazuli Pendant 32,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Chipped Crystal Brooch 27,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Chief's Bracelet 32,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Chipped Cubic Bracelet 27,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Amethyst Ring 32,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Crude Moonstone Ring 27,000 Goldicon.png Gold



  • The princess must be distraught.
  • Etiquette is of the utmost importance.
  • White Rose? Where did you hear that?
  • Sometimes, you must prove you are best to remove all doubt.

Conversation start

  • What can I do for you?
  • We're ready.
  • Do you have any news about the princess?

Conversation end

  • I will be prepared. (Unused)
  • Please let me know if you hear anything about the princess. (Unused)
  • Keep me posted. (Unused)