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Mathias Nessman

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MathiasIcon.png Mathias Nessman
Age 14
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Occupation Crane Machine Operator
Location Slaugh Industrial Complex: Slaugh Eringhill Station

Mathias Nessman is an orphan that resides at Slaugh Eringhill Station in Slaugh Industrial Complex. His parents were both workers at the Power Station, but one day both of them were killed in an accident caused by Anton's presence. This accident provided him with enough money to start his money-making scheme. He bought a crane along with a bunch of valuables and dumped the valuables into the river. He now challenges all adventurers to buy his crane tokens and try out his crane game. With good luck you might find something good but sometimes the weight of the item may make the crane drop it. While some claim this is a scam due to the faulty screws in the crane, Mathias simply shrugs it off and says it was bad luck on their part.


  • Operates a crane mini-game that can give consumables, Superior Iron.png Iron Scraps, Legacy Pots, and Boss Uniques.
  • Sells specialized Power Plant rings in return for Superior Iron.png Iron Scraps.

Crane Game

In order to play Mathias's crane game, you must purchase tokens from him. You can get tokens for it by exchanging materials with him but every day the materials he accepts for coins will change.

The minigame itself is simple. Press the button when the crane is near the item you want for the crane to go down and attempt to pick it up. However, the crane may "slip" when pulling up an item, causing you to not obtain anything.


Note that the cost of Crane Token.png Crane Tokens rotates everyday; only one method of purchase will be available at any given time.

Item Level Binding Cost
Crane Token.png Crane Token 1 Untradable 5 Endless Eternity.png Endless Eternity
Crane Token.png Crane Token 1 Untradable 10 Magtonium.png Magtonium
Crane Token.png Crane Token 1 Untradable 3 Fused Cube.png Fused Cube
No Icon.png Kore Power Interruption Ring 30 Superior Iron.png Iron Scrap
No Icon.png Furtz Power Interruption Ring 30 Superior Iron.png Iron Scrap
No Icon.png Trombe Power Interruption Ring 30 Superior Iron.png Iron Scrap
No Icon.png Grandine Power Interruption Ring 30 Superior Iron.png Iron Scrap



  • "When will Empyrean regain peace?"
  • "I like to think this is a fair business."
  • "Oh, I'm hungry. What is there to eat around here?"
  • "Did you really meet Princess Erje? Is she really as beautiful as they say?"
  • "Try my crane game! Test your luck and skill!"

Conversation start

  • "Today is your day!"
  • "Do not ignore me because I'm young!"
  • "What do you want with the a poor boy like me?"
  • "This crane game and it products are very well prepared."
  • "Make it quick, there are other guests waiting!"

Conversation end

  • "Bye Bye!"
  • "When can I be rich?"
  • "I always look forward to you spending money here!"