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Metal Brakium

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Metal Brakium
Metal Brakium.png
Location Castle of the Dead
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 88
End Boss Icon-Metal Gear.png Metal Gear


The descent down the Castle of the Dead has brought up a lot of questions. What made the Castle of the Dead visible in Empyrean? Was it really the death of Anton as Hilder had told Luke or could it have been something else? Luke seems desperate to prevent the Adventurers from reaching the bottom of the castle but why? The enemies are getting stronger as the Adventurers make it closer to the bottom. Are the Adventurers playing into Hidler's tricks again? Will this all fit into Hilder's Prophecy of Luke's demise? The Adventurers continue to defeat enemies but are still full of unanswered questions. A robot named Metal Gear blocks the exit of the Central Control Room which connects to the rest of the castle.


There are three terminals spread across the dungeon, in rooms A2, A4, and C2. Each one of them controls the turrets that Icon-Metal Gear.png Metal Gear will summon during his phases. Destroying the terminals will make the turrets become smashed when he tries to summon them. Destroy all three and his turrets will be severely crippled.



1 Map E.png Map EW.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png
2 Map SE.png Map SEW.png Map NW.png Map Blank.png
3 Map NSE.png Map NSEW.png Map EW.png Map Boss.png
4 Map NE.png Map NW.png Map Blank.png Map Blank.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Superalloy Shoulders of Metal Gear.png Metal Gear Superally Shoulder Plate Armor Head/Shoulder 85 P. Def. +4180
STR +32
INT +32
VIT +79
SPR +44
HP MAX +715
Damage from enemy attacks -8%
Micro Core of Metal Gear.png Metal Gear Micro Core Sub Equipment 85 STR +74
INT +74
VIT +74
SPR +74
Physical/Magical Critical +1% every 5 seconds while you are not attacked (up to +15%)

The bonuses are reset when you are attacked.

Damage from enemy attacks increases Evasion Rate +10% for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 50 sec.)
Brakium Black Metal Wrench.png Brakium Black Metal Wrench Zanbato 85 P. Atk. +1128
M. Atk. +846
I. Atk. +561
STR +157
Attack Speed +3 %
Casting Speed -2 %
Physical Critical Chance +15 %
Hit Rate +3 %
Overdrive Skill Lvl + 1
Derange Skill Lvl + 1
Dark Knight(M):
Shadowy Zanbato Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Sentiment Du Fer Critical Skill Lvl + 1
Berserk Skill Lvl + 1
Quintuple Strength Skill Lvl + 1
War Cry Skill Lvl + 1
AutoLeverPressurePole.png Canaps Auto Lever Pole 85 P. Atk. +1014
M. Atk. +846
I. Atk. +561
STR +102
INT +64
Hit Rate +1 %
Pole Mastery Skill Lvl + 3

Attacks inflict +1,000 damage.
Decreases Battle Groove combo count per combo stage.
- Stage 4 combo count -3
- Stage 5 combo count -6

- Stage 6 combo count -8
Automatic Modifying Gear Pistol.png Geargun-derived Auto Gun Auto Gun 85 P. Atk. +616
M. Atk. +903
I. Atk. +561
INT +64
Hit Rate -1 %
Robotics Skill Lvl + 2
RX-78 Land Runner Upgrade Skill Lvl + 1
Robotics Skill Lvl + 2
Upgrade G Robots Skill Lvl + 1
Casting skills creates a 20% chance of increasing Magical Critical Chance +4% for 30 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 sec. Max Stacks: 3)
Red-bladed Brakium.png Red-bladed Brakium Battle Axe 85 P. Atk. +1128
M. Atk. +799
I. Atk. +561
STR +64
Hit Rate +2 %
Giant Weapon Launcher Skill Lvl + 2
Phoenix Hammer Skill Lvl + 2
Atomic Smash Skill Lvl + 2

Lurking Dragon - Giant Weapon Launcher shock wave range +20%.
Phoenix Hammer shock wave Physical Atk. +20% and shock wave size +20%.
Floor Smasher enemy-pulling range increase +20%.

Atomic Smash downward strike Physical Weapon Atk. +10%.