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Michael of the Holy Eye

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Michael of the Holy Eye
Portrait-Michael of the Holy Eye.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Tenth Apostle
Location Outer Dark Side
You do not understand. As long as I remain here, Ozma is trapped. He cannot reach our world. And so... I cannot let you pass. If you truly will not heed my words... then I have no choice...

Michael of the Holy Eye, also known as the Tenth Apostle, The One Who Sees the Truth, General of the Black Crusade, and Founder of the Order of the Holy Eye, is the final enemy that stands between Dungeon Fighters and their confrontation with Ozma of Chaos.


The Holy Five

During the years of Ozma's reign of terror, around Arad Year 186, Michael received a revelation from God at a young age which prevented his aging, granted him the power of the Apostles along with the ability to discern Imposters from humans, and revealed to him Hilder's plot of New Genesis. Using these newfound abilities, he found purpose, and became the first priest. He along with a few others established the Order of the Holy Eye in Arad Year 211, which later would be known as the Order of Priests. Many others would follow suit under Michael's teachings, and they too learned to see through the Imposter's camouflage. Eventually, they became a fighting force capable of combating the growing number of Imposters.

Michael vs Ozma

In Arad Year 253, with the reemergence of Ozma of Chaos one year prior, Michael with the rest of the Holy Five and Priest Army waged war against Ozma's Army of Darkness in a campaign that would last almost one hundred years known as the Black Crusade. Through his leadership and a great many losses, the priests effectively pushed back Ozma's forces to Dark Side.

Although Michael desperately wanted to kill the Ozma, he couldn't for two reasons. Firstly, both of them were Apostles; their energies made it impossible for them to kill each another. Secondly, Michael knew from his revelation that the death of Ozma would only bring Hilder's plan one step closer to its fruition and spell greater disaster to the people of Arad. Michael decided with a heavy heart, in order to ultimately protect Arad, he had to prevent Ozma's death.

Knowing that others would be put in danger if they came to his aid, Michael took upon this task and fought Ozma alone. During the lengthy battle, he received the help of a mysterious hooded individual, and sealed Ozma, the remaining Imposter Army, and the entirety of Dark Side to another dimension. With this event, in Arad Year 347, the 94 year old campaign known as the Black Crusade was over.

However, not all the dangers disappeared: the seal containing Ozma was unstable, and there were still some remaining Imposters hiding all over the world. Concerned with this, Michael suddenly disappeared after establishing the Lemidia Basilica in the area now known as the Bel Myre district to prepare the Order for the worst; should Ozma return. Although the whereabouts of Michael were unknown, from then on, he was recognized as a legendary Saint and a hero to the Priest Order and the people of Arad.

As centuries passed, Michael continued to stand guard in the alternate dimension constantly clashing with Ozma and fending off his growing Imposter Army in the hopes of delaying Ozma's return. But as more Apostles transferred to the land of Arad, the seal on the dimensional prison began to weaken, allowing Ozma to send Chaos Demons from the Otherverse.

Around Arad Year 1002, the Priest Order upon investigating the Chaos Demon phenomenon had discovered a demon stronghold in the Otherverse. It was at this time, Michael met an unexpected group of adventurers in the alternate dimension who claimed to be exploring the Interdimensional Rift under the guidance of Iris Fortunesinger and the request of Grandis Gracia. As the adventurers explored the area and discovered that the stronghold belong to Ozma of Chaos, Michael blocked their path and requested them to leave. The adventurers misunderstood Michael's message and intentions and revealed their discoveries to Grandis and Iris. Grandis, being shocked by what she had learned, relayed this information to the Order of Priests.

Michael's death

Upon receiving news that Michael was protecting Ozma from the Adventurers and that he is also an Apostle from Iris, the Order of Priests felt betrayed and concluded that his actions were for the purpose of protecting a fellow dangerous Apostle. Reluctantly, the Order branded Michael a traitor as well as a potential threat to Arad and ordered for his death.

Upon the adventurers' return, Michael was unable to persuade them a final time. Although he was greatly weakened from fighting against Ozma's army for centuries, he took up arms one final time to fight the adventurers. Ultimately, upon his defeat, he was unable to stop the adventurers, prevent the death of Ozma, and stop the inevitable destruction of Arad...

Despite Michael's demise and being an Apostle, many of the Priest Order still regarded him as a symbol of hope and deemed the Order's controversial declaration for his death as unrighteous. Thus, the event had caused a schism, causing many to leave the Order.

Alternate Dimension - Angelica

Archangel Michael in the Savior's Judgment Call

In the alternate dimensional plane, Angelica, the Priest Order defeated Ozma of Chaos and won the Black Crusade without third party interference.

The Holy Five argued about the final fate of Ozma. Instead of choosing to have him killed, Michael proposed a different, but unorthodox plan. He chose to resolve Ozma's anger and resentment through the means of forgiveness and purification, sealing him in an Archangel. In doing so, Ozma's evil energy would be neutralized by his holy energy.

However, the Order disagreed with his plan, deeming the practice too unpredictable and dangerous. In response, Michael chose to leave the Order and took matters into his own hands. He sacrificed himself and suppressed Ozma's energy, sealing them both into the Archangel Michael's body.

After a long time, Ozma's evil energies were purified, and Michael was reborn as a new being. His Apostle energy merged with the archangel's creating a new type of divine power, making him stronger than before.

As the newly reborn Archangel Michael, he led the Priest Order on a new crusade to seal the remaining Apostles into archangels. After a millennium, they had succeeded; putting an end to Hilder's plans and preventing the destruction of Arad.

Upon their victory, Michael led the 7 Archangels on a new mission to mend the warping of spacetime, but they lacked the necessary power to do so. They required the traces of Carloso, the creator of the multiverse, which had been scattered across multiple dimensions. To help them on their search, Michael and the other Archangels lent their powers to lower Guardian Angels to explore the multiverse. These individuals are known as the Lightbringers.


  • "The authority given to you is an honor, yet its origin is chaos… for the light of a true healer is an unrelenting fire, burning bright through darkness with a shadowless flame." ~ Michael to Rosenbach
  • " I... was really hoping you wouldn't make it this far. I am Michael... and I must ask you to leave. I cannot let you kill Ozma." ~ Michael meeting the Adventurers
  • "You do not understand. As long as I remain here, Ozma is trapped. He cannot reach our world. And so... I cannot let you pass. If you truly will not heed my words... then I have no choice..." ~ Michael confronting the Adventurers
  • "You... have been here before. I know you. And I know you won't listen to reason.. Oh, Lord! Why have you have forsaken me? Is this your true will after all?... Why won't you answer me! Are you trying to test me? Or are you trying to test THEM?!" ~ Michael confronting the Adventurers again
  • "I know you believe in justice, and the righteousness of your actions. I can see it in your eyes. What you do not understand is that justice is subjective. There are other forces at work, contrary to your justice..." ~ Michael defeated by the Adventurers, Michael's final words.

As an Enemy

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Michael of the Holy Eye
Named Monster
Michael of the Holy Eye.gif
Michael's Resurrection Cut-in

Move List - Normal Form

  • Attacks similarly to a Monk, using his fist-based basic attacks and Ducking Dash to deal combos - usually in the form of two punches and an uppercut. Michael gains super armor while attacking. Be wary, Michael can Ducking Dash backwards like a similar function to Sway. Additionally, his basic attacks have high hit-stun.
  • Michael's Hammer of Repentance has a large area of effect hitbox. Players hit by this skill take heavy damage and have a high chance of being stunned.
  • Michael's Light of Divinity is an improved version, blocking both magic and physical damage. Destroy the shield to deal damage.
  • Michael's Crashing Cross attack is visually telegraphed. Move upward or downward to avoid the attack.
  • Upon taking heavy damage, Michael will use Righteous Judgment, where he stands still and summons an Angel of Justice behind him. The skill creates a vacuum effect under the player's current location. Players hit by this skill will take heavy damage along with healing Michael's HP.

Move List - Awakened Form

  • Michael will always have the Angel of Justice behind him.
  • Special Attack - Holy Eye: Michael will stand in place, emit light, and cause a cutscene to appear. Players that face him will have their HP percentage swapped with his.


  • Michael always starts by using Will Driver. While doing this animation, he is vulnerable to attack; use this to your advantage.
  • An effective strategy is to bring along party members with skills that grant high hit-stun and immobility to prevent Michael from casting his skills.


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