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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Age ???
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Hunter of Goldsellers, Giver of Items, CEO of Neople, King of the Waifus
Location Our Hearts

Mr. CEO now resides only in our hearts and our most cherished memories. He made his first appearance in Arad during DFO Global’s Open Beta period. Wearing a black t-shirt with a DFO logo and blue jeans, Mr. CEO stood triumphantly in the center of Underfoot. Day and night he stood vigil there, keeping watch over his beloved players. However, his was not a silent vigil, nor an easy one. Gold sellers plagued beautiful Arad and the task of banishing them fell upon the shoulders of Mr. CEO himself. With a bellowing voice he cried “Gold Sellers! Get Out!” through sunshine and rain, there in that Underfoot plaza. For all the goodly Dungeon Fighters he offered encouragement and the determination to continue on in the face of adversity.

Alas, Mr. CEO’s stay in Arad was brief, although very touching and meaningful for all of the Dungeon Fighters. Although he is gone now, gone to some far away place, he is still with each and everyone of the people whose lives he touched during his time in Arad.


  • Banished Goldsellers from Arad
  • Gifted items to the Dungeon Fighters
  • Took over Danjin's pot business while the jar-headed merchant was missing

The Real Mr. CEO

Hello, this is In Lee, the CEO of Neople. Today I’d like to tell my story. I’m neither special nor exceptional person; just like many of you, I’m just someone who really likes to play games. As a friend to friend, and to be a bit closer to every one of you, I’d like to share my story.

<My childhood and game> My family was not very well-off so I didn’t have computer or any gaming consoles. So I went to play at friends’ houses, and since I was about 10 years old I helped with some chores at a computer store in my town and got to play games at the store. I think I did all this because I simply liked games. To be honest I wasn’t really studious and had little interest in studying. Naturally I spent most of my time playing with friends and visiting houses of friends who had game consoles.

<Teenage years> As I mentioned I wasn’t really into studying but I was very much into drawing (I wanted to study graphic designs actually). So I learned to draw and I really enjoyed it. But as my family was struggling financially (in Korea it costs a lot to go to art school and learn to draw) and I had to consider my family’s situation. In the midst of all this, I had an accident which left me with an injury on my right arm and I wasn’t able to use my right arm for a few years afterwards. I still have difficulties with my right arm (I’m registered as disabled in Korea). So it was impossible for me to go to art school. This was a time when my dreams were shattered.

<My field of study> I chose a different field of study since then, and I majored in Chinese (Chinese literature, to be specific). As my parents already spent a lot of money to teach me to draw, I chose a university that did not cost a lot. My parents could not afford to pay for my tuition. I studied hard, earned scholarships and graduated with a degree.

<After university> As soon as I finished university, I got on a ferry from Busan, my hometown, to Japan. I just wanted to challenge myself. With just few pieces of clothes in my bag, I took a one-way ferry to Osaka. As I was a foreigner there, it was difficult for me to get a job for a long time. This was when I realized I might had been too reckless. Then I started to sleep in the streets. I lived and slept in a park as I didn’t have money to get a place to live. I thought I could easily get a job. I spent about 3 months on the streets. After I finally found a place to work, I met some great people there. I worked at a traditional Japanese bakery and started to live like a human again. For 1 year and 6 months, although most of my work entailed hard physical labor, I learned a great deal from this experience. This was one of the most important periods in my life, through which I learned to have a “positive” attitude towards life.

<Back to Korea…> During this time my nephew was born, and I had to go back to Korea to look after my nephew (my mother had a back surgery and my brother and sister-in-law had to work). I spent about a year looking after my nephew in Korea and started to look for a job as well. This was when I found Nexon.

<At Nexon> At that time (12 years ago) Nexon was about to expand its business overseas and they were looking for someone who spoke a foreign language and liked games. So I got in, and my first project was Crazy Arcade BnB (I’m sure nobody knows this game). BNB launched in China and had a huge success, with more than 800,000 concurrent players. My career had finally started. Throughout the years I got to work with various titles at Nexon, mainly developing and launching for overseas market (some of these titles you might be aware of, such as Vindictus and Counter-Strike Online). With many years of experience in launching titles overseas, I had the chance of meeting Neople. Upon the company’s order, I started to work at Neople. This was back in 2009.

<At Neople…> I was in charge of DFO services in China/Japan/US when I first came to Neople. Unfortunately DFO had a lot of difficulties at that time. There were a lot of disappointments. These regrets motivated me to give it another try. Apart from DFO, Neople is working on Cyphers and Ghost In The Shell S.A.C. Online along with few other new projects. I always try to do my best with my colleagues here at Neople. The thing I’m most afraid of is hearing negative feedback from the players. I fully understand that even if I gave my all it’s almost impossible to please every single player out there. But I will continue to do my best and try our game to be remembered as one of the greatest games among the players. I’m so happy that you guys are always here with me. Thank you very much for reading my short story. LONG LIVE DFO!

-From DFO Facebook Post May 28, 2015

DFO 1st Anniversary

Mr. CEO has made a stunning return for the festival celebrating the one-year anniversary of Dungeon Fighter Online Global (DFOG). He can be found in Underfoot's main plaza outside of the Master Guild.


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