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Naval Cannon Defense

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Naval Cannon Defense
Naval Cannon Defense.png
Location Anton
Min. Level 85
Level 85-100
Monster Level 100
End Boss None


Anton's volcano will burn everything around it if it erupts. You've been firing icy cannonballs at the volcano using the naval cannon to cool down the volcano, and Anton's lackeys have gotten on the ship to destroy the gun. Your allies are still fighting Anton on his body. Protect the naval cannon and continue to shoot icy cannonballs at the volcano.


The encounter begins as soon as you enter the Boss Room. The Naval Cannon is located on the right side of the room, guarded by Naval Gun Defenders, but will require additional protection against enemies. Enemies will appear from the left side of the room periodically, and must be defeated before they destroy the Naval Cannon. Occasionally, a Icon-Tartanic Guard.png Tartanic Guard will spawn, and when defeated, the player who landed the killing blow will receive an Energy Charge. The player must move to one of the panels throughout the room in order to charge up the Naval Cannon. Once the Naval Cannon has enough Energy Charges, it will fire at Anton and end the encounter.



1 Map Boss.png Map W.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones: