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Noire Ferra
Noire Ferra Map.png
Location Aphelia Post
Min. Level 37
Level 37-64
Monster Level 37-64
End Boss IconSpirazzi.png Death Dragon Spirazzi's Head
Loading Screen of Noire Ferra

Noire Ferra was one of two dungeons that follows Behemoth Sanctuary in level progression before the Great Metastasis, along with Mount Thunderime. Noire Ferra had a level 37 minimum requirement to enter. The two entrances to Noire Ferra were on the eastern edges of the Aphelia Post.

"Deep within Aphelia Mountain, a mysterious plague has struck the Dark Elves, and has caused mutations among the various creatures, and appears to turn those affected by it into the undead. As a result, many have died from the mass epidemic. The Dark Elves are somehow convinced that humans were behind the cause, which has in turn lead the Dark Elves to declare war against the Bel Myre Principality. Now the opposing forces prepare for battle. It's up to Dungeon Fighters to try and discover the cause of the epidemic, find a possible cure, and stop the war from occurring."


These are the dungeons that used to be in Noire Ferra. They are now accessible via Another Arad and Time Gate - Requiem.

Dungeon Name Level
ShallowKeep.png Shallow Keep 37-40
SpidersLair.png Spider's Lair 38-41
Catacombs.png The Catacombs 39-42
City of Noire Ferra.png City of Noire Ferra 61-64

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