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OrcaIcon.png Orca
Age 27 (Deceased)
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Vice Chieftain
Location West Coast

Orca was the Vice Chieftain in Bantu Village who was ready to do anything to ensure the survival of his clan. He was the younger brother of Bwanga. Orca died in the avalanche that destroyed Mount Thunderime during the Metastasis while trying to save others.

A mirror version of him exists in Mirror Arad's West Coast. He was ordered by Bwanga to go to West Coast to buy supplies necessary to rebuild the Bantu Clan. Mintai traveled with him.


Request Chat

  • I'd better get the stuff that Bwanga wants.
There are too many things to buy! But I can do this if it helps us Bantus get back on our feet.
  • Mintai, don't go too far!
  • I'm Orca, vice chief of the Bantus.
And you're the adventurer who came to see me about the letter. What a surprise to meet you in here!


  • You, over there! Need some help here digging the frozen ground.
  • Never get lazy when you're training for battle.
  • The women must tend to the fire.

Conversation start

  • Welcome to the Charnite Mountains.
  • I'm Orca, acting chief of the Bantus.
  • Are you here to see Bwanga? He's not around right now.

Conversation end

  • We won't let Skasa rule our lives.
  • I wonder when Bwanga will be back.
  • We'll show Skasa what the Bantus are made of.
  • Please, help our tribe.