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Pandemonium Rift

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Pandemonium Rift
Pandemonium Rift.png
Location Metro Center
Min. Level 90
Level 90-93
Monster Level 93
End Boss No Icon.png Executioner Belial


No Icon.png Executioner Turiel


What I have dreaded has come true. Warlike otherworldly forces have taken notice of Pandemonium, which is already in turmoil as it is. More vicious and stronger than anything we've seen, these otherworldly forces have come to this earthly realm once again to revel in carnage and destruction.



1 Map S.png Map SE.png Map SW.png
2 Map NS.png Map Boss.png Map NSW.png
3 Map NE.png Map NEW.png Map NW.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




  • Pandemonium Rift is unlocked once the player completes the Level 90 Quest Feat Quest Icon.png [Pandemonium Rift] Interdimensional Rift in Pandemonium.
  • 2 Refined Terranium.png Refined Terranium is required initially for admission, and the quantity increases the more a player enters the dungeon.
  • Monster drops include Level 85-90 Epic equipment, Epic Fragments, and Refined Terranium.png Refined Terranium
  • Entrance limit of 5 times a day per server. (Record reset at 9:00 UTC.)
  • If in a party, each member of the party gets items and Epic Fragments.
  • When a named monster is killed, item drop rate of the Boss monster increases.
  • Resurrection limit of 10 life tokens.
  • Puppets and Supporters cannot be used.


Room B3

Room C1

Room B2

  • Objective: Defeat the boss.
  • Gimmick(s): (Executioner Belial)
  • Gimmick(s): (Executioner Turiel)