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PungjinIcon.png Pungjin
Age 34
Sex Male
Race Human
Occupation Fighter Trainer
Location Underfoot Master Guild

Pungjin (風震) is a Fighter trainer and a master instructor of the Wind Fist, a martial art originating from Suju. A virtuous young man, he lives life with the fundamental and rigorous principles of a fighter in mind. His tireless training regimens won him the laurels of a Nen Master, but he continually aspires to be the best. Although a renowned figure in Suju, he grew weary of the comfortable life there and opened a dojo at Hendon Myre, the capital city of Bel Myre.

Since the Great Metastasis, Pungjin now resides in the Underfoot Master Guild. He is the older brother to Sizki.


  • Takes you to the Practice Room, where you can train.


Request Chat

  • Welcome. Are you interested in martial arts? I can not only teach you how to subdue your enemies effectively, but also guide your mind and body to higher spiritual places.
Things are chaotic these days. If you feel the need to learn some self-defense, feel free to come to me.
  • Are you practicing every day? Only the diligent prevail.
Never let yourself fall into idleness.
Nen Masters employ the power of nature. Brawlers utilize various tools. Strikers push their bodies to the limits. And last but not least, Grapplers are the masters of grappling skills. None of them is better than the others. They're of their own class.


  • *Martial arts shouts*
  • *Indistinct chatter*

Conversation start

  • I am Pungjin, the master of the Wind Fist.
  • The core principle of martial arts is to become one with nature.

Conversation end

  • Feel free to come and see me whenever you'd like.
  • The wind will show you the way.


PungjinSprite.png Lunar Festival Summer Christmas


  • The sound of people chattering in Downtown Hendon Myre belongs to Pungjin. It is unclear if this was intentional.
  • Pungjin appears in an episode of the anime "Arad Senki Slap Up Party", in which he organizes a soccer match pitting males against females. In the anime, however, he is much more rowdy and aggressive than his in-game self.