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SAS Season 9 Avatars

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  • Released 8/29/2012
Advanced Standard
Gold Feather Set.png
Gold Feather Advanced Set
  • Red Feather Extension
  • White Strike Spikes
  • Purple Ball Chain Piercing
  • Gold Feather Rockstar Boa
  • White Buckled Half Jacket
  • White Stripe Training Pants
  • White Leather Battle Sash
  • White Leather Training Shoes
Seaman Set.png
Seaman Normal Set
  • Navy and White Seaman Top
  • White Seaman Trousers
  • Blond Nautical Cut
  • White Seaman Cap
  • Blue Seaman Hoops
  • Blue Nautical Charm
  • Blue Anchor Belt Accessory
  • Navy and White Seaman Shoes
Advanced Standard
Leather and Gold Fur Set.png
Leather and Gold Fur Advanced Set
  • Slick White Leather Hairband
  • Fanned Pink Up-Do
  • Teal Teardrop Facepaint
  • Gold Mink Stole
  • White Leather Sleeve Halter Top
  • White leather Cutoff Jeans
  • Fancy Leather Utility Belt
  • Slick Red Leather Stilettos
Petty Officer Set.png
Petty Officer Normal Set
  • White Petty Officer Blouse
  • Navy Petty Officer Skirt
  • Blond Petty Officer Bob
  • White Petty Officer Cap
  • Green Nautical Contacts and Earrings
  • Navy Nautical Ribbon Tie
  • White Anchor Belt Accessory
  • Navy Petty Officer Plateforms
Advanced Standard
Navy Tactical Merc Set.png
Navy Tactical Merc Advanced Set
  • Blue Goggled Tactical Helmet
  • White Gelled Short Hair
  • Black Nylon Facemask
  • Blue Long Barrel Rifle
  • Navy Tactical Flak Jacket
  • Navy Tactical Kneepads
  • Blue Ration Pack
  • Navy Tactical Steel Toe Boots
Chief Warrant Set.png
Chief Warrant Normal Set
  • Navy Nautical Vest
  • White Chief Warrant Officer Pants
  • Blond Chief Warrant Officer Waves
  • Chief Warrant Officer Cap
  • Navy Nautical Facepaint
  • White Anchor Badge
  • Black Nautical Binoculars
  • Blue and White Chief Warrant Loafers
Advanced Standard
Red Wizard Set.png
Red Wizard Advanced Set
  • Red Pierced Wizard's Hat
  • Velvety Emerald Bangs
  • Red Wizard Glasses
  • Friendly Black Vampire Bat
  • Red Mantled Wizard Shirt
  • Red Patterned Wizard Skirt
  • White Velvet Bow
  • Red Rubber Boots
Ensign Set.png
Ensign Normal Set
  • White Sleeveless Ensign Shirt
  • Navy Ensign Skirt
  • Brown Ensign Side Ponytail
  • Blue Ensign Flower
  • Nautical Violet Eyes
  • Yellow Chick Backpack
  • White Ensign Rope Tie
  • Blue and White Ensign Kicks
Advanced Standard
White Assassin Set.png
White Assassin Advanced Set
  • Gold Assassin's Hood
  • Brown Dyed Upslick
  • Red Steel Faceguard
  • Gold Assassin's Cape
  • Ruby Gem Assassins Jacket
  • Gold and Black Assassin's Pants
  • Ruby Gem Assassin's Harness
  • Red Studded Assassin's Boots
Admiral Set.png
Admiral Normal Set
  • White Admiral T-Shirt
  • White Admiral Pants
  • Blond Admiral Cut
  • White Admiral Cap
  • Blue Admiral Hoop Earring
  • Baby Blue Seagull
  • Brown Knotted Rope
  • Black Admiral Shoes
Female Gunner
Advanced Standard
Crimson Scientist Set.png
Crimson Scientist Advanced Set
  • Red Short Cap
  • Light Black Side Ponytail
  • Ruby Dangling Earrings
  • Gold Toy Robot
  • Crimson Tie Lab Coat
  • Crimson Nylon Miniskirt
  • Green Science Belt
  • Crimson Leather Power Pumps
Captain Set.png
Captain Normal Set
  • Navy Bib Captain Halter
  • Navy Corseted Captain Skirt
  • Chestnut Captain Cut
  • Navy Trim Captain Cap
  • Navy Nautical Earrings
  • Navy Nautical Choker
  • Purple Penguin Accessory
  • Navy Captain Mary Janes
Advanced Standard
Blue Bohemian Set.png
Blue Bohemian Advanced Set
  • White and Blue Stylish Fedora
  • Orange Dyed Pigtails
  • Blue Silk Lotus Earrings
  • Blue Silk Lotus Charm
  • Blue Ruffled Poet;s Blouse
  • White Skintight Jeans
  • Blue Plush Satin Belt
  • Blue Leather Wedges
Lieutenant Commander Set.png
Lieutenant Commander Normal Set
  • White Lieutenant Commander Top
  • Navy Lieutenant Commander's Miniskirt
  • Blond Lieutenant Commander Style
  • White Lieutenant Commander Cap
  • Red Nautical Hoops
  • Blue Nautical Y-Necklace
  • Navy Nautical Penguin
  • Patriotic Platforms
Male Fighter
Advanced Standard
White Despot Set.png
White Despot Advanced Set
  • White Despot Fedora
  • Long Blond Bangs
  • Black Mirrored Round Frame Specs
  • Yellow Gold Despot Pocketwatch
  • White Despot Suit
  • Red Pinstripe Despot Slacks
  • Gold Despot Walking Cane
  • Red Despot Loafers
Fleet Commander Set.png
Fleet Commander Normal Set
  • White Fleet Commander T-Shirt
  • Navy Fleet Commander Slacks
  • Blond Fleet Commander Crop
  • White Fleet Commander Cap
  • Brown Chin Scar
  • Navy Nautical Armband
  • Gold Anchor Belt Accessory
  • Navy Fleet Commander Slides
Male Mage
Advanced Standard
Purple Sultan Set.png
Purple Sultan Advanced Set
  • Purple Sultan Hat
  • Black Full-Bodied Hair
  • Ultramarine Contacts
  • Blue Sultan Neck Wrap
  • Purple Embellished Vestment
  • Blue Sultan Balloon Pants
  • Blue Silk Waist Wrap
  • Purple Sultan Slippers
Navy Sailor Set.png
Sailor Normal Set
  • White Sailor Shirt and Tie
  • Navy Sailor Shorts
  • Blond Sailor Cut
  • White Sailor Cap
  • Purple Contacts and Piercing
  • Gold Maritime Brooche
  • Navy Nautical Belt
  • Navy Sailor Shoes