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Salamander's Furnace

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Salamander's Furnace
Salamander's Furnace.png
Location Castle of the Dead
Min. Level 85
Level 85-88
Monster Level 88
End Boss Icon-Iron Aim.png Iron Aim


The story about a giant steel dragon living in the Salamander's Furnace stuck terror in the residents of Pandemonium who lived through the viciousness of the dragons through Dragon King Bakal. But the story wasn't just a rumor... Iron Aim, the most fearsome of all creatures of darkness, really resides in the center of the Salamander's Furnace.



1 Map SE.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map EW.png Map SW.png
2 Map NE.png Map SW.png Map Blank.png Map Boss.png Map NS.png
3 Map E.png Map NEW.png Map EW.png Map NEW.png Map NW.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Hell Mode:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Boss Unique Items

Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
IronSpikeShoulders.png Iron Spike Shoulder Pads Heavy Armor Head/Shoulder 85 P. Def. +3344
STR +68
INT +58
VIT +32
Damage from enemy attacks Bleeds all enemies in a 300 px range, inflicting additional damage at 1,500 Atk. every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. (The chance and effect decrease if the targets are Lv. 90 or above and increase if Lv. 89 or below. Cooldown: 10 sec.)
STR/INT +25 for every Bleeding enemy in a 300 px range (Max Stacks: 4)
MachineConstraint.png Mechanical Dragon Essence Magic Stone 85 P. Atk. +75
M. Atk. +75
I. Atk. +97
STR +102
INT +102
VIT +102
SPR +102
CombustableMakeshiftrevolver.png Devastating Revolver Revolver 85 P. Atk. +879
M. Atk. +739
I. Atk. +561
STR +113
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Headshot Skill Lvl + 2
Wild Shot Skill Lvl + 1
Headshot Skill Lvl + 2
Gun Dance Skill Lvl + 1

Attack damage +11%

*Multiple +% damage bonuses do not stack. Only the highest value of bonus applies. (Not applicable to Critical Damage).
IronAimsbluntrocket.png Iron Aim's Rocket Bludgeon Bludgeon 85 P. Atk. +1033
M. Atk. +892
I. Atk. +561
STR +151
Hit Rate +1 %

Attacks create a 5% chance of firing a howitzer at all enemies in a 550 px range. (Cooldown: 5 sec.)

Attacks create a 2% chance of Stunning enemies. (The chance and effect decrease if the targets are Lv. 90 or above and increase if Lv. 89 or below. Cooldown: 4 sec.)