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Sanctuary of Destruction

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Sanctuary of Destruction
Sanctuary of Destruction.png
Location Luke's Laboratory
Min. Level 90
Level 90-110
Monster Level ?
End Boss Icon-Wrecking Haboob.png Wrecking Haboob


Every creature can live for only so long. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Luke's creations are bound to get rusty, break down, and get destroyed, but they're different from other creatures because they have a second chance at living, thanks to Luke's authority. Rusty and broken creations of Luke's are sent to the Sanctuary of Destruction to be melted in the giant furnace and reborn as new components. Luke has to be a god—how else could he create and destroy the way he does?





Icon Name Type Lv Base Stats Other
Volcanic Rock Coil.png Volcanic Rock Coil Heavy Armor Belt 90 P. Def. +1813
STR +29
INT +21
SPR +26
EXO +288
Inventory Weight Limit +3 kg

Marks you with a Fire Token and casts a buff for 40 seconds every 40 seconds while equipped. (Canceled when this item is unequipped.)

- Fire Resistance +25

- Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. +8%

Max HP +600 for every 40 Fire Resistance (Up to +1,200)
Dracos Scale Sabatons.png Dracos Scale Sabatons Heavy Armor Bottom 90 P. Def. +4532
STR +47
INT +34
VIT +43
EXO +288
Fire Resistance -30 for all enemies within a 500 px range.

Attacks create a 10% chance of Burning enemies, attacking at 1,500 Atk. every 0.5 seconds for 10 seconds. (The chance and effect decrease if the targets are Lv. 96 or above, and increase if Lv. 95 or below.)

Attacks Damage +18% on Burned enemies (Multiple damage bonuses do not stack. Only the bonus with the highest value applies. [Not applicable to Critical Damage])
Haboob Tofus Pants.png Haboob Tofus Pants Leather Bottom 90 P. Def. +2266
STR +43
INT +43
SPR +47
EXO +288
Fire Resist +18

If 55 or higher Fire Resistance, Lv. 15-30 skill levels +1 for all classes

If 70 or higher Fire Resistance, Lv. 35-50 skill levels +1

All Atk. +4% for 20 seconds every 30 seconds

(All these options are canceled when the item is unequipped.)
Draco Luma Pauldrons.png Draco Luma Pauldrons Plate Armor Head/Shoulder 90 P. Def. +4532
STR +277
INT +277
VIT +171
SPR +132
EXO +288
Inventory Weight Limit +12 kg
Lampard Titania.png Lampard Titania Plate Armor Shoes 90 P. Def. +3399
STR +26
INT +26
VIT +29
EXO +288
Movement Speed +4 %
All Elemental Resistances +14
Dashing decreases all elemental resistances of enemies within a 500 px range by -25 for 30 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 sec. Max Stacks: 1. Canceled when this item is unequipped)
A.B. Lampard Rifle.png A.B. Lampard Rifle Musket 90 P. Atk. +1064
M. Atk. +925
I. Atk. +642
STR +72
INT +107
EXO +768
Physical Critical Chance +8 %
Magic Critical Chance +8 %

Critical Damage +22%

Use the Equipment Control key to drop a drill onto a front area at the cost of 2 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragments. (Cooldown: 20 sec.)
Beast Blood Rain.png Beast Blood Rain Claw 90 P. Atk. +1058
M. Atk. +1058
I. Atk. +642
STR +72
INT +32
EXO +768
Inflict Fire Damage
Physical Critical Chance +16 %
Magic Critical Chance +15 %
Poison Damage +15 %
Burn Damage +15 %
Bleeding Damage +15 %
Claw Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Claw Mastery Skill Lvl + 2
Attacks inflict 10% Bonus Fire damage.
Booming Pulverizer.png Booming Pulverizer Broomstick 90 P. Atk. +1058
M. Atk. +1164
I. Atk. +642
INT +72
EXO +768
Movement Speed +3 %
Mega Drill Skill Lvl + 4
Wind Press Skill Lvl + 4
Dimension: Positron Blast Skill Lvl + 4

Dimension- Positron Blast.png Dimension: Positron Blast drops a drill onto a front area.

Dimension- Positron Blast.png Dimension: Positron Blast Atk. +30%, cooldown -20%

Mega Drill.png Mega Drill Atk. +30%, enemy pulling power +30%, range +30%, cooldown -20%

Wind Press.png Wind Press Atk. +40%, angle +50%

Wind.png Wind gauge recovery speed -25%

Bonus Damage 10%
Tofus Telum.png Tofus Telum Spear 90 P. Atk. +1269
M. Atk. +900
I. Atk. +642
STR +107
EXO +768
Inflict Fire Damage
Fire Damage +24
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate +1 %

Attacks create a 3% chance of randomly shooting Haboob's Flare Slimes. (Cooldown: 3 sec.)

Bonus Damage +10%
Zakeline One Sword- Ghost Mask Sword.png Zakeline One Sword: Ghost Mask Sword Katana 90 P. Atk. +1005
M. Atk. +1111
I. Atk. +642
STR +72
INT +107
EXO +768
Casting Speed +4 %
Physical Critical Chance +2 %
Hit Rate -1 %

Converts 30% STR to INT if STR is lower than INT, or vice versa. (Up to +300)

Lv. 40-45 skill Atk. +30% for all classes

Additional Critical Damage +7%