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Scenario Dungeon

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Scenario Dungeon Map of Iron Scale

Scenario Dungeon is a feature enabled for all main dungeons in the Epic Quests line. Each quest has a unique map layout and boss monster depending on the story line and quest requirements. Players can keep track of their quest progress from the dungeon progression map shown during the dungeon loading screen. Scenario Dungeons will have its difficulty fixed at 'Normal' upon first entering the dungeon, gradually increasing as the player progresses. Upon completing the final Epic Quest in the quest line, Area Adventure Mode will be unlocked for the region.

Requirements and Restrictions

There is no level restriction when playing scenario dungeons except for the initial level requirement for accepting the quest. However, if you do not meet the level requirements for normal dungeons after you clear scenario dungeons, you will be restricted from entering. Regular access to the normal dungeon only becomes available if the player completes all the Epic Quests for the specific dungeon.

Note: Players can only access Special Dungeons if the player has accepted the related Side Story quest. When the quest line is completed the Special Dungeon cannot be entered on the dungeon selection screen except through Area Adventure Mode.

Note: Scenario Dungeons are not included in Valley of Fallen Souls, Mt. Kulun, Hill Vale, or Golden Road.

Objectives and Completion

Post Dungeon Results Options

Like any other quests, the objectives must be met in order to complete the quest. If not, the quest must be redone.

Upon clearing the dungeon, the quest completion dialogue automatically starts granting the rewards after the sequence. Players are able to select, two options at the end of the results screen: Start Next Quest or Back to Town. Clicking Start Next Quest will send the player to the next Scenario Dungeon quest. If the player's next quest's completion requirement is to talk to an NPC in town, then it will send the player back to town instead.


Special Dungeon maps and quest objectives depend on the party leader's current Scenario Dungeon Epic Quest. Party members with the same quest as the party leader will be able to complete the quest normally. Party members who do not have the same quest will receive Share Quests.

Share Quest Icon.png Share Quests

Share Quests are similar to Mission Quests but only grant reward EXP. The quests only apply to the party members who do not have the party leader's current Scenario Dungeon Epic Quest. Upon completion, the party members receive the same reward EXP as if they finished the quest initially. This feature enables higher level players to aid lower level players to finish Scenario Dungeon quests and receive decent reward EXP. In terms of a level up strategy, this method is an alternative to grinding normal dungeons for players who run out of Epic Quests.

Area Adventure Mode

Area Adventure Mode or Circulation allows players to redo Scenario or Special Dungeon quests for Area related Halidom Fragment boxes. The feature becomes available after the player clears the last Epic Quest in the region. The player can select the difficulty upon entering ranging from 'Normal' to 'Slayer' depending on the region restrictions. Upon selection, the player randomly enters into a Scenario or Special Dungeon in the corresponding area, randomly receiving one of the quests as a Mission Quest already completed from the related dungeon. The player automatically receives the Halidom box if the quest objective is completed by the end of the dungeon. This feature is not enabled in Anton.

Note: For Special Dungeons, the Fatigue requirement is changed from the 8 FP at entry to 1 FP per room.

Note: Area Adventure Mode Missions have a high tendency to fail if player obtains Hell Mode during Circulation.

Unlocking Hard Scenario Mode

To unlock the hard difficulty for Scenario Mode you must complete a secondary requirement of getting hit less then 15 times and beating the dungeons in under a set time for all normal dungeons in one location. Once unlocked the hard mode is always available for any other scenario quest you do for that character in all dungeons however this is not an account wide unlock like normal dungeon difficulties. You must unlock hard mode for all characters individually.

Note: You are incapable of unlocking Hard mode in Abnova, you must get to Meltdown before you can try for the increased difficulty.

Note: In the case of Castaway Cave you only need to achieve the requirements for the first five dungeons to unlock Hard mode.


Dungeon Time
Mushroom Garden 1min. 30sec.
Salif, City of Spores 1min. 30sec.
Rotting Lot 1min. 30sec.
Old Streets 1min. 30sec.
Chessboard of Despair 1min. 30sec.