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Seven Deadly Sins

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Seven Deadly Sins.png Seven Deadly Sins

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Active Skill


Command: Upkey.pngUpkey.png+Spacebar.png
Prerequisite Level: 20
Prerequisite Skills: Heavy Sin.png Heavy Sin


  • Transfers to your targets one of the Seven Deadly Sins of your choice.
  • Use the direction keys to select the sin you want to transfer. Press Spacebar.png to cancel the buff.
  • For the buff's duration, Sin-burdened Body.png Body Pressured By Sins generates an aura, casting a special debuff on targets within its range. This debuff is also applied to you.
  • Attacks create a chance of stacking Sins, which adds severe Immobility to Heavy Sin.png Heavy Sin attacks. The more Sins stacked, the more severe its Immobility
    • Jealousy-ridden Pleasure Upkey.png : Lower elemental resistances and higher elemental damage for you.
    • Begrudging Anger Downkey.png : Lower HP.png HP and Magical Defense.png Magical Defense for you. Lower Magical Defense.png Magical Defense for enemies. Higher magical critical attack for you.
    • Insatiable Appetite Leftkey.png : Lower Max HP.png HP / MP.png MP for you but deal Additional damage. Casting Heavy Sin.png Heavy Sin on enemies restores HP.png HP & MP.png MP
    • Arrogant Sloth Rightkey.png : Lower Movement Speed.png Movement Speed / Attack Speed.png Attack Speed for you but cast a Skill Damage buff on you. Casting Heavy Sin.png Heavy Sin on enemies causes slow.


  • SP per level: 20
  • Master Level: 10
  • Max Level: 20
  • Cast Time: 0.1 sec
  • Cooldown: 5 sec


  • For Insatiable Appetite Leftkey.png : Unlike traditional forms of Additional Damage such as Aura Lance.png Aura Lance; the Additional Damage comes afterwords and does not increase Combo Count
  • Max sin stacks are 7.

Skill Growth

  • Level: n
  • Lv Req: 20+3(n-1)
  • MP (character level 75+): 47+34.333(n-1)
  • Sin Stacking Chance: 16%+1(n-1)%
  • Jealousy-ridden Pleasure:
    • Your Elemental Resistance: -10
    • Your Elemental Damage: 15+4(n-1)
    • Enemy Incoming Elemental Damage: +15%
  • Begrudging Anger:
    • Your HP/Magical Def: -3%
    • Enemy Magical Def: -15%
    • Magical Critical Atk: +6%+1(n-1)%
  • Insatiable Appetite:
    • Max HP/MP: -3%
    • Heavy Sins Attack HP/MP Restoration: 2.7%+0.667(n-1)%
    • Additional Damage: 23%+2(n-1)%
  • Arrogant Sloth:
    • Your Movement/Attack Speeds: -3%
    • Post-debuff Basic/Skill Atk: +23%+2(n-1)%

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Passive:None! Please add appropriate skills to Category:Female Priest Skills and Category:Passive Skills

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