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Shonan Aska

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AskaIcon.png Shonan Aska
Shonan Aska.png
Age 17
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Queen; Merchant
Location City of Shonan

Shonan Aska is the Queen of Shonan, and is also a merchant associated for the Dragon Tournament.

Aska, born of the Suju royal family, was a prodigy in the art of combat. She joined the ranks of Nen Masters at a young age. But knowing she could never improve within the safety of the palace, Aska traveled far to find worthy opponents. This was when her ill-fated relationship with Faris, which became so infamous, occurred. Aska did not return to Shonan until she learned of the passing of the king. She met resistance because she'd been away for so long, but she eventually won the throne. She knew from her travels that if her nation did not open their doors, they would stifle their own growth, so she lifted the iron curtain that had been in place for hundreds of years. To win her people’s support for this action, she opened the Grand Arena Competition, to show her country the combat that other nations could teach them.



Item Level Binding Cost
Glowing Magatama.png Glowing Magatama 1 2 Flamboyant Magatama.png Flamboyant Magatama
Flamboyant Magatama.png Flamboyant Magatama 1 2 Glowing Magatama.png Glowing Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Yellow Dragon's Red Bijou Bead]] [[Yellow Dragon's Red Bijou Bead|]] 10 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Yellow Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead]] [[Yellow Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead|]] 10 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Yellow Dragon's White Bijou Bead]] [[Yellow Dragon's White Bijou Bead|]] 30 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Blue Dragon's Red Bijou Bead]] [[Blue Dragon's Red Bijou Bead|]] 50 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Blue Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead]] [[Blue Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead|]] 50 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Blue Dragon's Black Bijou Bead]] [[Blue Dragon's Black Bijou Bead|]] 40 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Yellow Dragon Pattern Necklace]] Yellow Dragon Pattern Necklace 70 Untradable 50 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Yellow Dragon Motif Bracelet]] [[Yellow Dragon Motif Bracelet|]] 50 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Yellow Dragon Motif Ring]] [[Yellow Dragon Motif Ring|]] 50 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Blue Dragon Cape]] [[Blue Dragon Cape|]] 80 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
[[|20x20px|link=Blue Dragon Orb]] [[Blue Dragon Orb|]] 80 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama



  • I feel most at home among my people.
  • I hope my adviser doesn't come looking for me.
  • My actions must honor the late king's memory.

Conversation start

  • Welcome to Suju. I'm Queen Shonan Aska.
  • Relax. Let's just talk, okay?
  • I can feel the nen of the whole kingdom here.

Conversation end

  • Come back soon with more stories.
  • See you later. Maybe we should spar next time.
  • Take care.


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