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Sirocco of Intangible
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Unknown
Occupation Fifth Apostle
Location Screaming Cavern
After I die, a being who is able to hold a thousand weapons shall appear.

Sirocco, Sirocco of Intangible, or Sirocco, the Shapeshifter is the Fifth Apostle of Pandemonium (a.k.a. The One Who Possesses Hundreds Of Faces, Yet Is Invisible.). She is the first Apostle transferred to the Arad Continent and is responsible for the events that occur in the Screaming Cavern, the Devolution, the indirect creation of the Grim Seekers and the powers of the Demonic Lancer. She is a being that moves freely in warm areas, absorbs massive amount of energy from her surroundings and is able manipulate her shape, the minds of others, and the world around her at will.


Long before the events of the story, Sirocco was one of the many beings of Gallabaddon, a planet where every creature is heavily endothermic, requiring them to absorb massive amounts of energy (light and/or heat) from their surroundings to survive. This caused many of the natives to fight each other for energy. On one such occasion, Sirocco fought and won against the being known as The Seven Mistral, confining her in an icy prison.

Upon the arrival of Pandemonium near her home planet, Sirocco left and joined Hilder's journey across the universe to find the "Apostles". Eventually, Sirocco, upon defeating many adversaries, was granted the title as the 'Fifth Apostle of Pandemonium'. While she was there, she frequently fought with the Seventh Apostle, Flame Eater Anton, for energy in the Metro Center.

Sirocco defeated by Roxy.

In Arad Year 977, Sirocco was transferred from Pandemonium to the Arad Continent in the Screaming Cavern, a huge cave deep underground the area of Grand Flores. Upon being cut from her energy supply, unable to move freely, and isolated in a dark, cold environment, Sirocco rapidly weakened, causing her to go through a mental breakdown and began slaughtering the inhabitants of the cavern. Some of the creatures escaped, spreading into neighboring areas and terrorizing its citizens. Upon Sirocco's arrival in the area, her Apostle aura affected many of the surrounding creatures and flora, causing them to mutate into monsters, beginning the Devolution.

In Arad Year 980, the countries of the Arad Continent sent lead members and their troops to investigate: from the De Los Empire came Vaughn Walshuted of the Iron Wolves, High Spectress Renee, and Kane of the Mist, from the Principality of Bel Myre came the wandering Gray Slayer, Zanbato Aganzo, from Shonan came Master Siran and his disciple Woo, from the Bantu came Bwanga, and from the Kingdom of Fennes came the Dark Elf Roxy, the Berserker. By the time the individuals encountered Sirocco, she had gone completely insane. She managed to kill many of the opponents that challenged her including Renee and Kane, but was ultimately defeated by the hands of the Four Legendary Blade Masters and the final strike delivered by Roxy who submitted to the effects of the Kazan Syndrome. Upon being 'killed', Sirocco's final words were: "After I die, a being who is able to hold a thousand weapons shall appear." Although these words hinted at revealing Hilder's plot, nobody at the time understood what they meant...

Sirocco's spirit finding a new host body.

Upon her 'death', Sirocco's body exuded an energy that distorted space and time, indirectly granting Siran the ability to travel through the Time Gate. Although Sirocco was believed to have been slain, her body was destroyed but parts her spirit containing her memories roamed freely around the Arad Continent searching for host bodies. Within the Screaming Cavern, parts of her spirit attached to the seven individuals who would later create the organization known as the Grim Seekers in Arad Year 983. Many of the other individuals who received Sirocco's powers were taken as slaves and made into gladiators to fight in the Imperial Arena of the De Los Empire. These individuals came to be later known as the Demonic Lancers.

Sirocco defeated by the Blade Masters

Note: In the current live version, the lore states that the Four Legendary Blade Masters were the ones who defeated Sirocco. All evidence of Roxy's existence as well as anyone's memory of her were erased from the game. However, in the Time Gate Epic Quest line, Aganzo is shown grieving for something or someone, but cannot seem to remember what or who he was grieving for. This may be evidence that she is still in the game, but mysteriously disappeared.


  • "Your feeble blades are a joke and are of no use! Now, feed my power!"
  • "You've finally awakened me, my child. Accept my strength. Become one with me." ~ Sirocco to the Demonic Lancer