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Empress Skardi

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SkardiIcon.png Empress Skardi
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Occupation Former Empress of Myre Empire
Location Sewer Moonlight Tavern

Skardi is the Former Empress of the now fallen Myre Empire since the Great Metastasis. She resides in the Sewer Moonlight Tavern alongside Siusha. Rumored to have been killed by the Great Metastasis, she was actually saved by Captain Luther, and is now fighting for the Resistance.



Request Chat

  • We're not ready to fight the Empire just yet. We need to become stronger.
  • Destiny is unpredictable.
One day, I was a queen. The next, I'm on the run as a fugitive.
  • Bel Myre flourished once. Do you think I can revive it?
I can't lose hope...

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Skardi, as the Empress of Bel Myre Skardi, as the Empress of Bel Myre SkardiSprite.gif Lunar Festival